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There once was a time when boys and girls had cap guns, watched Westerns on TV and dressed up as Cowboys (and Cowgirls!) and Indians. They had their cap pistols and bows and arrows and many a big battle was fought. None were ever won, just a good time for all.

These were days of innocence. Youngsters would shoot the other side and they would fall down. There were smoke and "bullets," but no one thought of actual violence and every toy gun was just used for fun and we knew these were merely games.

Come and relive those years when our heroes were in "The Old West," on television and the movies, and we understood who were the Bad Guys and who were the Good Guys. And a Stallion could be a Cap Gun!

In 1946 a new company was born in Pasadena, Texas, USA and made toys for those children. It was Nichols Industries, and for 20 years they made the finest toy cap guns the world had ever seen.

Now you can only find these wonderful toys at auctions, estate sales and on auctions on the internet like Ebay. Relive your past and see the cap guns that were proudly made by our family.

—George Michael (Mike) Nichols, Texas

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