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This is a .357 Magnum toy Cap Gun. There were 3 Cap Guns in the Detective series. 2 "Detectives" and the "Detective 250." There are some major differences. Namely, this one, the "Detective 250" fires roll caps and the other two fire the red plastic pellets.

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This photo is borrowed from the book on Nichols Industries, A Brief History
Of Nichols Industries, Inc. and Its Toy Guns

The photo on the left shows the dummy cylinder flipped up so that you can see how the roll caps fed. Every time you pulled the trigger a pusher bar would push the caps "up one" and it would be in position for the next round.

Another view of the Detective 250.

I think that if you showed this Cap Gun to your favorite bank teller, you might have "free meals and clothing" for the next 10 years. It's quite a shame that today's society doesn't seem to know the difference between "play" and "real." And they are so worried about "real" that they have ruined "play." Doesn't that define "schizophrenia?" Our society has overreacted. How did we manage 40 years ago, when we didn't know any better? (Soapbox 101)

Photo thanks to Reggie Fowler
This roll-cap shooting model came out in 1960 and sold for $ .79. It was easy for a kid to purchase, and THEN they had to keep on buying caps. Roll caps (fortunately) weren't very expensive and many companies made many different brands, but when the SERIOUS SHOOTING started, it wasn't that hard to run out of ammo!

Nichols Detective 250
You see the Nichols Detective 250 offered all of the time. But just don't ever make the mistake of thinking that it is the same Cap Gun OR has the same value as the Nichols Detective that fires the 3-piece bullets.
All photos thanks to Doug Hamilton
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This Web Site Constructed by Syntropy Properties, Inc. © Copyright All Rights Reserved

This Web Site Constructed by Syntropy Properties, Inc. © Copyright All Rights Reserved

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