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Esquire Novelty Company is a company that has made small guns and sets of guns with holsters. Their company, apparently, was located in Amsterdam, New York. Esquire is also the parent company - or distribution company - of Actoy. Many times there is a lot of crossover with these two companies.

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This is a mighty fine way to start the Esquire section, with a BUNCH of them from Steve! Of course, to be quite fair, these just as easily could be called Actoy Cap Guns and are featured on the Actoy Page, as Esquire was the distribution company for Actoy.

This photo by Steve Arlin.

Esquire/Actoy Wells Fargo in Gold
This must be one of the rarest Cap Guns around. Just the Wells Fargo itself is rare, but in gold? Well, wouldn't you know that Steve would have one?

This photo by Steve Arlin.

This is a really nice Blue/Gray set from Ed Manes. It sure looks like he has slipped in a couple of Hubley Colt 45's.

Another rare offering from the Chuck Quinn collection. This is Actoy/Esquire's Shotgun Slade set that includes its rifle shotgun and shotgun bullets, and of course the Cap Gun and holster (and badge).

Photo by Belinda Quan from the Chuck Quinn collection.

Here's another Shotgun Slade set that shows a comic book from that era too.

Photos by Scott McCollum

This is called "The Riflegun," but it would seem to be an attempt to sell a "Mare's Laig" without paying the royalties to the team on the TV show Wanted Dead or Alive. It was made in New Jersey. The rifle loads and ejects 5 metal bullets. Bob's gun is new and never played with and the bullets are still in the package

Photo by Bob DeFeis

And here is a package of Riflegun bullets for the above rifle. These must also be extremely rare. Thanks Ron!

Photo by Ron Ellington

This is an even more rare version of the same gun that is DEAD MINT in the box. What a find!

Photos by Scott McCollum

This is one of the rarest of the Esquire/Actoy Johnny Ringo sets ever made. Due to licensing problems, there weren't very many made.

Photos by Scott McCollum.

What a wonderful Johnny Ringo Set by Esquire! The guns are, of course, Actoy/Esquire, but are the long barreled specials, just like the ones below. This is about as fine a box for this set as you are ever likely to see.

Photo thanks to Don Raker.

And here is this fancy set outside of the box and you can also see a good close-up of the Cap Guns themselves. Notice that you can read "SPECIAL" under the cylinder. Don Durant was Johnny Ringo, as the outlaw turned lawman. (yeah, right!) Short-lived series, perhaps because the viewers knew the truth. But anyway, the Cap Guns are VERY valuable!

Photo thanks to Scott McCollum of Cap Gun Treasures.

And yet another Johnny Ringo Set from Esquire, this one with a Buckaroo Cap Gun.

Photo thanks to Jamie Linford.

This Johnny Ringo Gun and Holster Set might easily be the rarest of them all. You may look all of your life and never see one of these. !!!

Photo thanks to Jamie Linford.

Esquire / Actoy Johnny Ringo Set
Here is a nice set with the same gun as above, but it is fashioned into a Johnny Ringo set.

Another one of those examples of how a company would take a successful design and put a lot of different names on it so that it would sell according to whatever TV show was popular (or movie) at the time. You might notice that the lettering on the sides of the guns says, "SPECIAL." (as in "BUNTLINE SPECIAL")
All photos thanks to Jim Mair - one of our advertisers.
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

Esquire Novelty Company Lone Ranger Box
I think that this (blatantly) Esquire Novelty Company Lone Ranger box was probably packed with an Actoy Lone Ranger gun and holster set, which is why I have it also on the Actoy Page, but it seems like I need it here too, for after all, it does say, "ESQUIRE" on the box.
Please Click On Each Thumbnail For An Enlarged View!
All Photos Courtesy of Scott McCollum

Esquire / Actoy Pony Boy Double Set
This Ought To Get Your Attention!

Okay, so Mike has lost his mind? Well, I have to admit it. Yes. When I saw the number and quality of these photos from our Cap Gun Pal, Doug Hamilton, I sort of "lost it." But since this is an Esquire Set, but Actoy guns, I decided to go ahead and put it on the Actoy Page too.

So, don't send any more Pony Boy photos!

Besides, it's highly doubtful if you will EVER see a more beautiful set than this! This one just tops the charts.

It's not an extremely rare Cap Gun, but finding one (make that TWO!) Pony Boys in a PERFECT double holster set and a perfect box...well, it's not likely to happen again in your lifetime, nor mine. So, I drooled at the chance to publish these and gobbled them up! Many more nice sets like this and I'm going to have to buy another hard drive.

All I hope is that the world properly appreciates the effort some people have gone to in order to preserve these pieces of our history. If I had gone to the same amount of trouble, considering my family name, then I would be RICH by now!
All photos thanks to Doug Hamilton
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

How's this for an interesting Pony Boy set? This is like a book and has all of the trappings that you might want. Pony Boy guns, holsters, cuffs and spurs.

Thanks to Dave Klahn

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