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Halco (the J. Halpern Company of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania) was known for their quality. They were a high volume distributor that sold millions of Cap Guns that were produced by other companies. They sold to a lot of the major retail outlets. In many cases the manufacturing companies even put the HALCO name on the guns they produced for Halco. So they were very responsible for a great number of the guns that we have cherished throughout the years.


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Mattel Marauder Division Tommy Burst w/ Night Scope
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Halco Maverick by Leslie-Henry
Please Click On Each Thumbnail For An Enlarged View!
All Photos Courtesy of Ed Myers. Thanks!
Please Click On Each Thumbnail For An Enlarged View!

Here is a nice composite of two photos of a chromed set of Maverick Cap Guns with a double holster set from Halco. One of the things to notice is the strap on the top of the guns when they are opened. There is not the same kind of strap that you see in the bronzed example above! This is a pretty expensive set.

Thanks to David Denton.

Halco Maverick by Leslie-Henry, Second Version
And here is another version of the Maverick Cap Gun by Leslie-Henry. As you can see, this is the pop-up version and is just like the Gunsmoke Cap Gun down below. It even says, "MARSHAL" on the grips above the steer's head, but it doesn't say, "MATT DILLON" below the steer's head.

Thanks to Dean Gagliardotto for these nice photos!

Nice close-up isn't it? I got this photo donated in order that you could more properly read the inscription on the grips that says, "MARSHAL."

Thanks to Brenda Crawford!

So, is this the 3rd Version of the Maverick Cap Gun? I guess so, but, of course, Leslie-Henry made the Cap Guns, but it clearly says "Diamond H Brand" on the box, which is HALCO.

Photos thanks to our friend Jim Mair.

Leslie-Henry (HALCO) Wagon Train Scout 5-in-1 Set
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!
This is an ultra rare Wagon Train Scout boxed set. It was made by the M.A. Henry Company for HALCO. It features a 5-in-1 combination rifle. This set not only has a 44 Wagon Train cap pistol, it then turns into a cap pistol with long barrel, Carbine, Rifle without site and finally a complete rifle. The gun even Ricochets! This is the early model Wagon Train 44 that takes the bullets. This may be the ONLY Wagon Scout set known to exist. The cap gun book Backyard Buckaroos shows a regular Wagon Train 5-in-one in a plain box made in the 1957 era. This one has a colorful red, green and white box . The gun is in unfired mint condition. This is a set you may never see anywhere else.

Photos by Scott McCollum. Way to go Scott!

These two photos (above and below) are of the same "Diamond H Brand" which we know is HALCO and manufactured by Leslie-Henry. Ward Bond (as Major Adams) was the wagon master and Robert Horton was the scout (Flint McCullough). This is the 5-in-1 Rifle Gun - OR - Six Gun with the ZING sound of the bullet. This set is extremely rare and is from the collection of Chuck Quinn and it is essentially the same gun as above, but on a card—not in a box.
Photos by Belinda Quan.

Here is another view of the Cap Gun and stuff to turn it into a rifle inside of the box. Notice that this box is in great shape.
Photos by Eric Williams.

Another Halco Wagon Train by Leslie-Henry
Please Click On Each Thumbnail For An Enlarged View!
All Photos Courtesy of Merrill Hines.
Please Click On Each Thumbnail For An Enlarged View!

Here's another incarnation of the Wagon Train series. This is a Marshal Cap Gun with the ellipse in the grips and a tribute box from HALCO. You will notice Ward Bond and Robert Horton on there to give it class.

This photo thanks to Doug.

These are HALCO Wagon Train pistols, but you will notice that each has a different grip. They were all made by Leslie-Henry in the Buzz Henry (sort of?) style for HALCO.

These photos thanks to Charlie Martin.

Halco Double Holster Set
HALCO, being a distribution company, sold a lot of combination holster and gun sets.

Here is one of the finer sets with a nice double holster set with Leslie-Henry 44 U.S. Marshal Cap Guns.
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!
Special thanks to Doug Hamilton for these photos!

Halco Small Derringer Set
Please Click On Each Thumbnail For An Enlarged View!
All Photos Courtesy of Chuck Quinn

This is another of the Derringer series—most likely made by Hubley.

These photos thanks to Toy Gunslinger.

This is the same "TEX" but in chrome with a holster.

This photo thanks to Jesse Bell, who said he found it sitting in a barn in Saskatchewan, Canada.

HALCO Derringer
Here is a little HALCO (L-H) entry into the Derringer market. Many of the major manufacturers made Derringers—especially after Nichols Industries came out with the Dyna-MITE. This one has some nice engraving. I'm not really sure if it ever came with a box but they did do their best to copy the holster clip like the Nichols originally produced. One of the distinctions is that the Nichols Dyna-MITE could be taken apart easily for it had screws holding it together. This little gun was also fitted to a "Paladin" (Have Gun Will Travel) holster and also sold on a card. The carded example below, if you will notice, has different dummy bullets. It also came with white grips in a holster as seen below. The fact that the carded version below says Roth American shows how the regular Cap Gun companies were getting sold in the 1960's.

And above we see the same "Western Man" version of this HALCO Derringer.
Photo thanks to Dave Lawson

This HALCO Maverick Derringer (HIDE-A-WAY) is mint on the card and quite rare. Though it was manufactured by Leslie-Henry, it was distributed by HALCO just like some HALCO stuff was made by Hubley. I bet you've never seen one before.

This photo thanks to Scott McCollum.

Halco Maverick by Leslie-Henry, Gold MOC
Here is an even rarer version of the Maverick Derringer in GOLD!!! And this one is on a more rare card. This particular one is DEAD MINT.

Thanks to Dave Klahn

And continuing with the Derringer theme for HALCO is this Trooper—in bronze. Notice that the bullets are different in this clip.

This photo thanks to Trent Campa

This must be a pretty rare rifle, as I had this site up for 3 years before I saw one! The box is probably more rare than the rifle, as boxes are always hard to get. The box is HALCO, but Jim added the rifle, which is by Hubley. However...Hubley made stuff for HALCO anyway, so I think that is ok.

This photo thanks to Jim Mair of Jim's Vintage Toys!

Here is a really nice Davy Crockett set by Halco. I wonder what is inside, as we only have the box!

Thanks to David Denton.

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