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Holsters were made by a tremendous variety of companies. Tex Tan made holsters in the beginning for Nichols Industries, but there were lots of others.

And then there were the private people who made holsters sets (and still do!) for the various sizes and styles of Cap Guns. To this day many private individuals restore holsters that were famous in their day and also these same artisans create new designs.

So it gets complicated. We will do our best to list some of the finer holsters and holster sets—sometimes with the guns and sometimes without. We hope that you will send in some of your favorite photos.

(in Uncle Talley's order)

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Here's one of the fanciest holster sets you will ever see. Perhaps the only way to improve it would be to substitute the Hubley Texans with some Nichols Cap Guns.

Thanks to Ed Manes.

This custom Cheyenne double holster set has 2 Nichols Stallion MK-II Cap Guns taking up residence in it. What a set!

Thanks to Scott McCollum (one of our advertisers)

This is one of the finest holster sets you will ever see. Mint black double holsters with mint Leslie-Henry Marshal .44's. I am only showing a single pocket on this "thumbnail," but you can see the full set if you click on it.

Thanks to Don Raker (one of our advertisers)

To try and show all of Steve Arlin's holster sets would take a much bigger website. He has hundreds of holster sets and thousands of Cap Guns. Click on this photo to see it much bigger. To get a better idea of what he has, just get his book!

You can contact Steve to buy his amazing book at:

How's this for a wonderful set. Complete with documentation! No skimping here! I hate to even think what a set like this costs. But that doesn't mean that I would want to have one. It works by pivoting the part of the holster that holds the Cap Gun. When you pivot it, then that part comes out of the metal clasp and there is a metal pivot under the trigger area that swivels. Presto! You have killed the bad guy and become the envy on your block. I never owned a set as nice as this.

Thanks to Chuck Quinn (one of our advertisers)

Here's a Lasso 'em Bill Double Holster set! if you want to see the Cap Guns by themselves and out of the holsters, then go to the Kenton Page.

This photo by Chuck Quinn, one of our advertisers.

Here's a DOUBLE BONUS! The brown set on the outside is a Keyston Brothers set. You will seldom see so many studs! Amazing. The set in the middle is an Ed Manes reproduction set with heart conchos.

Thanks to Ed Manes

Let's start it off with one of my favorite heroes; here's a beautiful Roy Rogers, the King of the Cowboys, set with Schmidt Cap Guns. Beautiful conchos with the "RR" insignia in them. This is about as fancy a set as you can get. And not cheap. Every young cowboy would have wanted one and now some big cowboy probably owns it. Sets like this only increase in value!

Thanks to Scott McCollum one of our advertisers.

And here's another Roy Rogers holster set. Roy Rogers holster sets are ALWAYS very coveted by the Cap Gun Collectors! This one is a DANDY!!!

Thanks to Rich Hall one of our advertisers.

Roy Rogers Holster Set Reproduction
(2 separate sets as they are different heights and widths)
This detailed reproduction of one of the fanciest Roy Rogers holster sets from the fifties, carefully crafted to duplicate the original as closely as possible using the Double R spots and imprinted with the King of the Cowboys name on belt and Double R Bar logo on each holster just as on the original. This was made by Roy Evans.

Many thanks to Toby O'Brien

Random Holster Sets
Here we have a bunch of holster sets in no particular order and I wish I had explanations about all of these, but I don't. There were lots of holster sets made out there and some of them can't even be idenfitied.

Dale Evans Double Holster Set
Here we have a really beautiful double holster set in burgundy, dedicated to the "Queen of the West," Dale Evans. Dale "talked the talk," but also "walked the walk." Her life was exemplary to all of us. She and Roy gave and gave and gave. They had a HUGE family as their love seemed to have no bounds. As it says in the book of James, "...and I will shew thee my faith by my works." Well, that sort of sums up the lives of Dale and Roy.

Many thanks to Roy Steunenberg!

Here are a couple of sets from Tom Janes that are really first rate!!! The top set is an original Roy Rogers set, but the lower set is one that is handmade by Tom. Surprisingly enough, there are quite a few people out there that are making custom holster sets, some generic and some are designed for a particular gun or hero.

Thanks to Tom Janes for these photos.

Here's the box from a Lasso 'Em Bill holster set from Keyston Brothers of San Francisco. The caption in the lower left corner of the box says, "Keeps 'em HAPPY HEALTHY and BIZZY" Did that generation know something we've forgotten?

Thanks to Mike Rowe for these photos.

Johnny Ringo Holster Set
Guns ~ Leslie-Henry Marshals

A really nice set of holsters. Johnny Ringo. Supposedly a hero? Actually a Bad Guy.

So far I haven't been able to determine their origin. The Cap Guns are Leslie-Henry Marshalls.

Melvin G. Miller Co., Inc.
Gun ~ Nichols Stallion 45 MK-II

Brand New Old Stock never used from a toy show 25 years ago, and the man said that he had gotten it from a salesman that worked for the "Nichols Capgun Co." He said that Talley had 10 of these made for the top salesmen, made at the MelvIn G. Miller Co, Inc., Houston, Texas. You will notice that this holster allows for right-handed people or those "lucky" left-handed people—like me!

Photo by Ted Dietrich

Mattel Set

A nice holster with a Mattel Fanner 50 snug inside. These Cap Guns were extremely popular. And therefore I hated them. Just kidding!!! Hey, I was a little kid and thought they were competing with my Uncle Talley! These guns were actually terrific.

Photo thanks to Bill Corbett

Set From JM Toys
Another nice set of guns, holsters, cuffs and spurs from JM Toys. They were made by Jim Mills to Jim Manning's design. The holster is lined on the back with black felt, and the cuffs are lined with black leather.

The guns are Hubley Cowboys. They are nickel plated die-cast 12-inch cap guns that were copied from real Colt guns.

The plastic steerhead grips were also copied from Colt. The cap gun shoots roll caps and the cylinder revolves with each pull of the trigger. This cap gun comes in many different finishes—gold, nickel plated, dull or zinc, dark, metallic blue, black and satin grey. These guns also came in a "dummy" version that would not fire caps as some states at that time did not allow caps to be used. The dummy guns are more rare and valuable. The dummy guns had a different hammer design that would not strike the cap anvil and allow caps to be fired.

Submitted by Jim Manning of JM Cap Guns & Toys. Thanks!

Nichols Leather Holster Set
Guns ~ Nichols Blued Stallion 45 MK-II

Here's a nice leather holster set from Nichols.

The guns are some of the rarer blued Stallion 45 MK-IIs with wood grips.

Many thanks to Rich Hall for the photo.

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This Web Site Constructed by Syntropy Properties, Inc. © Copyright All Rights Reserved

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