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Hubley was from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and started in 1894. The Hubley company made some of the finest Cap Guns you ever saw. The Texans and the Cowboy were especially popular. They made guns with nice scrollwork and some that were gold. They are still considered very valuable collector's items. If you collect Cap Guns, then (besides Nichols Industries Cap Guns, of course!!!) you have got to have a good collection of Hubleys.

One of their most popular Cap Guns was from The Rifleman television show starring Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford. It had that special cocking lever so he could really fire quickly. There are several examples in this Hubley section.

Then there is their fabulous Colt 45 that was a full-sized model of the Civil War pistol. I love it!

(in Uncle Talley's order)


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Rare Stevens 49-er in BRONZE!
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Above and below are a couple of FINE photos of a Hubley Rifle. This Hubley Rifle #2029 was made only in 1965. It is a bolt action 250 shot. The stock and foregrip are green in color. The barrel is all metal with a black plastic flash guard. The working mechanism and breech are bright nickel-plated die-cast metal.

Photos by Brian Roeder

Hubley Tiny Tommy Machine Gun
Here is a (very) little Cap Gun that is seldom seen. It is a mint in the box Tiny Thompson Machine Gun. They probably should have used it in The Wizard of Oz to get rid of that wicked witch.

Photos by Nicki Camp
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

This photo does prove that Hubley also offered it in a camouflage paint scheme.

Hubley Davy Crockett Rifle
This old flintlock must have belonged to Davy himself. Probably somebody found it at the Alamo. Or at least that's where Hubley found it to make a copy. This appears to be the earliest version of this Cap Gun.

Photos thanks to Jim Fitzpatrick.
Thanks a bunch!

And here's a later 1960's version of the same basic Davy Crockett Buffalo rifle from our good friend Tom Janes. Notice how the flintlock mechanism has been "dumbed down" a bit by Hubley. That was a common practice in the "dyning days" of most Cap Gun companies to save money.

The Rifleman by Hubley
From the hit TV Show The Rifleman starring Chuck Connors
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

Above Photos Thanks To Mike Tilbrook
This Cap Gun Rifle is from the hit TV series The Rifleman, starring Chuck Connors. Here is the same Rifleman Cap Gun, but with white "furniture." Yeah I know...the photo is a little overexposed, but I've told you before that it's hard to take photos of Cap Guns and especially this one, as the plastic parts are white, so the camera sees that and has a tendency to overexpose. However, this one is so rare that I don't care. I'll let you in on a little secret too. I airbrushed the barrel of the gun, because the original owner had spray painted it silver. Nutty, huh? But on this website I want you to see what things looked like if the Cap Guns were new, so I did my best.
More Rifleman Photos!
Above Photos Thanks To Norm Sinski
Here's a gold plated Hubley Rifleman! Despite what you might be thinking, it is the same gun, only different lighting.

Thanks to Scott McCollum for the above offering!

Here is the rarest of the rare Hubley Rifleman rifles! A Blue One!!! I have never seen one of these, but this one came from the original owner who bought it back in the 1950's. Some find, huh? And here's a photo of part of the back of the box too.

Thanks to Scott McCollum for the above offering!
Here's another blue Hubley Rifleman, but with a different flavor of furniture. A real beauty!
And now, what in all probability is a prototype built by Leslie-Henry for the Rifleman series, we have a rather unusual rifle that was "saved" by Rob Terry of Wild West Toys. In his words, "Howdy Mike... I really thought folks would like to see this one. This is a one-of-a-kind Diamond H Leslie-Henry 'The Rifleman' cap rifle. I found the die-cast parts in a warehouse and Rich Hall had a broken 'Wagon Train' model that had the plastic stocks and barrels. This Rifle will eject die-cast bullets that were made to use greenie stick-em caps. I am fairly confident that this is a one of a kind. I believe that Leslie-Henry tried for 'The Rifleman' TV show endorsement but it went to Hubley. So the name plates were changed in the Leslie-Henry mold and this mold was used to produce rifles that said 'Wagon Train' or 'Texas Ranger'."

Thanks Bob!
(Prototype photos below by Bob Terry of Wild West Toys!)

This "FLIP SPECIAL" (IN GOLD!!!) came from Canada and supposedly there are only a few examples around. This one is in perfect shape. DEAD MINT! Quite valuable.

And here is a Hubley Rifleman Flip Top Special rifle with the butterscotch stock. It appears most of the butterscotch Riflemans were sold in Canada.

Thanks to Scott McCollum!

Looks like the same rifle as above---BUT IT ISN'T!!! This is the even more rare butterscotch Hubley Rifleman, but with GOLD hardware. This one is one of the rarest of the rare models of the famous Chuck Connors rifle from the TV show.

Thanks to Scott McCollum!

This Rifleman was manufactured for Canada and has red, black and even a touch of gold swirled into the furniture. Very rare.
Thanks to Scott McCollum

More Hubley Rifleman Photos
Well, if you aren't totally CRAZY, you will click on these thumbnails and pull up what I think are the absolute best photos of the Hubley Rifleman ever taken. This Chris Cole is a wonderful photographer and everybody could take lessons from him on how to photograph a Cap Gun. He uses every trick in the book and his lighting is simply impeccable. Most people's lighting is just "peccable," but I suspect he is more than a "drive by" photographer.

Anyway, you know what a sucker I am for photos that are even better than what I already had, so eat it up world: These are for you!
All photos thanks to Chris Cole.
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

Hubley Frontier Rifle
Here is another Hubley rifle with the box. They really did make a lot of nice Cap Guns.

I hope that you folks will remember that you too can have your favorite Cap Guns on this website. Send the photos in, preferably in 320 x 240 resolution, and we will give you a "plug."

All photos thanks to Eric L. Przybyla
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!
On the left we see the butt plate of this rifle. On the right see the assembly that holds the caps and has been dropped down to reload. Sort of a fancy mechanism wouldn't you say?

Here's Hubley's fine Frontier rifle, but in the white form. I hope you are clicking on these thumbnails when there's a large photo linked to it!

Thanks to Steve Arlin

Hubley Lone Ranger Rifle
Here's a unique Hubley rifle from the 1970's.

Thanks to Rich Hall

Here is basically the same rifle, but a few years later when Hubley sold out to Gabriel. The Cap Gun Days were OVER! But this example is quite hard to find anyway.

Thanks to Scott McCollum!

Hubley Western Scout Rifle
This is a really nice rifle by Hubley and the photographs are simply outstanding! Everybody take note that this is how it is done!

Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

Hubley Western Scout Rifle in "Blonde"
This is the Rare white "Cowgirl" version of the Hubley "Scout Rifle." It is in MINT un-fired condition and comes in the dull nickel finish. This is one awesome cap rifle.

Photos by Rich Hall

Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

Hubley Gold Scout Rifle
The Kelly's Rifle is basically the same as this one. In fact, in the receiver area, almost all of Hubley's rifles are the same. It seems strange to me that the first example I see of this one is in gold.

Thanks to Steve Arlin

Here's a TV show-inspired rifle by Hubley, Kelly's Rifle from Overland Trail.

Thanks to Scott McCollum.
If you click on the top photo, you can see a really large DEAD MINT photo from Chuck Quinn.

Now here's the famous Kelly's Rifle, but with a gold plated receiver

Thanks to Rich Hall of Cap Gun Toys.

Overland Trail Presentation Set
The Overland Trail TV show was on in 1960, but just didn't last. Nobody knows why, as it was a great show starring William Bendix and Doug McClure.

Photos thanks to Scott McCollum

Hubley Sportsman
Rifle w/Scope
Here's another Hubley rifle offering,
but with a scope!

Photos thanks to Mark Sangret

How's this for a simply amazing boxed set. I would guess that the box is worth 3 times as much as the rifle.

Thanks to our new friend, George Vacanti, for the photo contribution!

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