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Kilgore made not only die-cast Cap Guns, but LOTS of cast-iron Cap Guns. Well, Kilgore was such a prolific company, and so many of you have sent in more photos and text of various Kilgore Cap Guns and products, that we have a lot of pages. Keep sending them in!

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Kilgore Pal
Though this Pal Cap Gun isn't one of the "higher" of the Kilgore Series, it's still in the series isn't it?

Photos by Huey West

Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

I should have known that Chuck Quinn would have a mint Kilgore Pal in GOLD!

Photo by Chuck Quinn

Here's another nice photo of the Kilgore Pal.

Photo by Joy Haddad

Kilgore Machine Gun and Nest
Here is a really unusual Cap Gun. It is a machine cap gun that sits on a plastic sand bag nest and you turn the handle to make it shoot. This has a 6-inch long barrel and is part plastic and part die-cast metal. The original set had 4 paper soldiers that would be knocked down by air from the gun.

Photos by Randy Winkler

Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

Kilgore Premier Safety
Here is the The Kilgore "Premier Safety" w/ date stamp on side PAT. DEC 29 1914 Here are the rough measurements to give you further insight: Weight: 10.1 Ounces Length: Approx 6.5" Inches Composition: Appears to be Cast Iron with Nickel Plating Condition:

All photos thanks to Luke Goas
You Will Miss Out If You Don't Click On The Thumbnails!

A cast-iron Invincible by Kilgore. I haven't seen very many of these, so they must be A LITTLE RARE.

Thanks to Doug Hamilton for the photos.

Kilgore Invincible Box
Here is the box for the above Invincible Cap Gun by Kilgore. Front and back.

Many thanks to Fran Daher

I had never seen one of these before! This is a 1958 Kilgore Fastest Gun Boxed set that is truly mint. The set comes with two Kilgore rangers, red and blue and the holsters and belts for each. The guns have NEVER been cap fired, and have a very tiny opening in the bottom for the fast draw plug. The cow skull has a red and blue light representing eyes which indicate the winner of the draw. Both of the original instructions are present and it is a fantastic large display box 20 x 13 x 5 inches in size. The box lid unfolds as a point of sale piece for the top.

Thanks to Michael Linn.

Somebody pinch me. This Cap Gun is so doggone rare that it almost doesn't exist. It has unusual lettering saying, "LONE RANGER" and an unusually large safety lever on the side.

Thanks to Belinda Quan from Chuck Quinn's collection.

Kilgore Lone Ranger Cap Guns
Aren't these beauties? These were made by Kilgore. There are a lot less Lone Ranger Cap Guns than you might imagine! Just try and find some. You probably have about 10 people who want one for every person who has one. This Cap Gun looks a little like a Smith and Wesson .44 Magnum I think, just not as hefty.

Thanks to David Denton.

This close-up shows the rider and horse on the grip and the "HI-YO SILVER!" written there. Different gun, but you'll get the idea of how it is supposed to look up close.

I can't even believe I am seeing this one. It is the same (basically) as the darker one just above, but has a chrome barrel and frame and marbled grips complete with the box and a manufacturer's ad sheet encased in plastic. This Cap Gun also has the very narrow hammer.

Thanks to Belinda Quan from the Chuck Quinn collection.

Kilgore Lone Ranger 50 shot mint w/ box with wide hammer & dark finish. Marketing ad too!

Thanks to Belinda Quan from the Chuck Quinn collection.

Kilgore Kit Carson Cap Gun
Here's a Cap Gun I have not seen before. But there's a lot of those. This particular one needs a new hammer spring.

Many thanks to Dee Brown of Journey Through Time!
More fine photos of the Kit Carson Cap Gun.

The four photos just above are thanks to Doug Hamilton!

Here is just a SUPER Kit Carson kit that has never once even been out of the box (by a kid, I'm sure the owner who was selling it took it out for photos) The tag reads "Real Texan Outfit." Well, this real Texan never owned one, but I sure would have been proud to. I owned Nichols sets, of course! But isn't this one great? It says that it is a Betty Leach design (holster). And notice the $1.98 price. Well, you won't touch it for less than about 100 times that now!

This photo thanks to Kathi Lamb.
And here's some more Kit Carson Cap Guns that even came with another set of holsters. Same guns, but in really immaculate condition! Very nice!

Our sincere thanks to Bill McDonald of Vintage Toy & Racing.
Here's the long-barrel version of the Kit Carson Cap Gun. This gun also has a grip that is similar in concept to the Grizzly grip.

Thanks to George Newcomb of Plymouth Rock Toys.

Here's a photo a box for one of the upper Kit Carson Cap Guns.

Thanks to Craig Thompson, Smith House Toys

Gold Kilgore Kit Carson Cap Gun
This is a very nice Kit Carson, but this one is in GOLD! Very rare!

Photos thanks to Jim Manning of JM Toys

And here is the same Kit Carson gun in gold, but also with a nice box. I love boxes. They are harder to get than the guns!

Photos by Chuck Quinn

A Kit Carson repeater Mint On Card from our friend Jack Rosenthal of Toys and More.

And here's the same basic Kit Carson—but in GOLD!!! And mint on the card.

Photo by Chuck Quinn

And how's this for a set of carded Kilgores?
Photos by Chuck Quinn.

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