This pistol was created when NBC approached Nichols Industries to make a Cap Gun to advertise their Alaskan adventure TV show, "Klondike," starring Ralph Taeger as "Mike Halliday." (James Coburn was also on this show.) This appears to be the only Cap Gun ever made by Nichols Industries for a TV show.

The show ran in 1960-1961 from what I hear, and you never again saw this particular gun. Therefore, owning one of these must something special indeed.

I stuck it here in the Stallion 38 page because to me it is very similar to a Stallion 38 (though much rarer!!!) and is blued with simulated woodgrain plastic grips. On this website I have only put guns on "primary" pages that were in Uncle Talley's book.

These photos come from an old brochure from 1961.

Thanks to Robert Nichols for the photo!

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