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Normally I don't grovel and beg for money, but we are past that stage. Originally we had enough brave (read: loyal) souls who helped us each month by contributing a little to our cause of maintaining this website. Not so much anymore. The financial contributions have dwindled down to a small trickle.

Besides the expense of keeping it up, the Internet itself and Microsoft have been "upping the ante." Now the Internet wants a mobile-friendly website and we don't know how to convert a 7,000+ page custom website over to a format where you can always read it on a smartphone or tablet. This is a "Static" website—the largest on the internet. But it is only a matter of time before we lose it all to scientific inertia. I'm old, have only Windows 7 (my editing software won't load on a later versions of Windows) and though I have been building websites all over North America for 21 years, I don't know how to keep up with these changes and am worried about losing it all.

I would ask those who are enjoying this site to PLEASE contribute at least a little to helping us keep it going. This is the only site where you are likely to find nearly anything ever made—especially in die-cast Cap Guns. If you can't send a financial contribution, then send photos and info of a Cap Gun not on the site! That builds the value of the site.


Thanks a bunch!

—George Michael (Mike) Nichols, Texas

Mattel® 1965 POCKET SHOT Cap Gun

I guess that I had better explain what this is. It's a 1965 POCKET SHOT Cap Gun in the shape of a pocket knife. It is by Mattel Inc., Hawthorne, California. It is mainly made of hard plastic. The fold-out knife is a softer plastic. The fold-out handle is metal. It is marked with a trademark M and the word ZERO (Agent Zero) on the top. It measures 4 and 1/4 inches when shut. Just press the little lever on the side and it pops out into a Cap Gun. Very neat!

Thanks to Curtis Chute for these photos

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