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Nichols Cap Guns Okay, this isn't really a dealer, but it IS the world's largest cap gun website. Really a cap gun museum online. http://www.NicholsCapGuns.com
Cap Gun Paradise Cap guns, holsters, antique toys, western gear. We are proud to offer some of the finest cap guns and toy collectibles you will ever see/ http://www.NicholsCapGuns.com/cquinn
Piñon Collectibles Some of the finest Cap Guns you will ever see—especially the cast iron antiques from yesteryear. http://www.NicholsCapGuns.com/pinon
Cap Gun Treasures Scott has one of the largest selections at all times of all types of Cap Guns and accessories. A LONGTIME collector and dealer! http://www.NicholsCapGuns.com/treasures
Jim's Vintage Toys Jim Mair is one of Canada's leading toy sellers and has all types including Cap Guns and regular antique toys. http://www.NicholsCapGuns.com/jimmair
The Ten Gallon Hat Dave Klahn has a world of nice Western memorabilia for sale—especially Cap Guns, but also other things. He even had a pair of Hopalong Cassidy Roller Skates! But then around 1950, Hoppy made nearly everything. http://www.NicholsCapGuns.com/gallon
Granddad's Toy Box Bill Shideler has ALL KINDS of antique toys and memorabilia from the "Good Old Days." And if he doesn't have it, then he'll find it for you. See his website! http://www.NicholsCapGuns.com/granddad


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