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Marx has long been one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world. They have created all sorts of quality toys for generations and the Cap Gun hobby is no exception.

In addition to their full-sized Cap Guns, they even created an entire line of miniature Cap Guns—not to be confused with the small Derringers and flintlocks like the Nichols Buccaneer or the Dyna-Mite, but TINY GUNS! In this section we have Colt Army 45's, Johnny Ringo stuff, rifles and miniatures.

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Rare Stevens 49-er in BRONZE!
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Marx Roundup Time at the Circle X Ranch Set
Here's a really neat set from the 1960's. This set came with everything a young Buckaroo might need except a hat. Two pistols, a rifle, a knife and sheat and a double holster. You don't find many of these.

Please Click On Each Thumbnail For An Enlarged View!

All photos thanks to Darin Iles

Roy Rogers Rifle
This is a plastic cap shooting Roy Rogers rifle made by Marx. The cap mechanism is metal. It's a Winchester with checkered engraving, octagonal barrel & a pistol grip.
These photos thanks to Willy Henson

Well, if you can remember Steve McQueen as Josh Randall on the TV series Wanted: Dead of Alive, then you are definitely "Over The Hill." Hey, I remember it well. And it wasn't even one of the oldest westerns! It was strange how many good lawmen gave Josh a hard time, even though he was rounding up the Bad Guys a lot faster than they were!

Thanks a lot to Dan Morphy of Morphy's Auctions for this fine photo!

You will notice that this rifle is called a "Mare's Laig" rifle-pistol. That was one of the trademarks of the TV series that set it apart from all of the other shows, actually. Steve had a different kind of gun.
Some fine shots of another example of the Mare's Laig rifle that was carried by Josh Randall.
This particular one is a miniature Mare's Laig and is 5-1/2" long. Marx was famous for their miniatures. Depending on your screen size and the resolution, the example on your screen might be larger than the original Cap Gun.

These photos by Bob Garvey. Thanks Bob!

Steve McQueen was the epitome of COOL and here is a fabulous shot of him wearing his "Mare's Laig," spurs, boots and working on his race car. It just doesn't get any better than this.

Photo thanks to Wes Wieder

There was just no doubt about it, Steve McQueen was plain COOL and so the Wanted Dead or Alive TV show was very popular. Here are two mint sets from the Chuck Quinn collection (see it in our Collections Section), the top one being a dart game from Marx.

These photos by Belinda Quan

Mare's Laig Set w/ Holster
Here is a set featuring the Mare's Laig, but with a holster. It is unusual to see the inside of the box. Kids usually threw away the boxes.

Thanks to Jim Mair for the photos.

And this is just another packaging difference from our friend Jack Rosenthal of Toys and More.

Well, it's not a Cap Gun, but it's still pretty interesting I think. And it's "By Marx!!!" (That used to be their TV slogan.) Obviously this little toy gun fired rubber suction darts. If you've never been shot in the forehead, then you haven't really lived!

Photo by Bob Garvey. Thanks again Bob!

Here is one of Louis Marx's Lone Ranger Target Games.

And another one.

Thanks to Jack Rosenthal

And here is one more that is really fine! And you don't see much Dick Tracy stuff either.

This is from Andrew Teleki's collection. See that in the collections section.

Well, it's not a Cap Gun either, but it's pretty rare and you know how I love boxes. And it's "By Marx!!!"

Photo by Freeman Fisher.

This is the Marx Chopper

Photo by Al Wilton.

Well, it's not a Cap Gun either, but it's pretty rare and you know how I love boxes. And it's "By Marx!!!"

Photo by Freeman Fisher.

And here's also a picture of a 1948 Marx G-Man wind-up machine gun

Photo by Dave Klahn of the Ten Gallon Hat.

Here's a rat-a-tat Thompson machine gun by Marx.

Photo by Dave Klahn of the Ten Gallon Hat.

The Lone Ranger Clicker Gun by Marx
Now here is one of the most unusual Toy Guns that you will ever see. It is a Marx "clicker" gun. However, you will find it in Jim Schleyer's book "Western Toy Guns."

This one was made in 1938. This clicker pistol is made from pressed steel, has a chrome cylinder & a bright red jewel on the right hand side..

Thanks Doug Hamilton!!!
Please Click On Each Thumbnail For An Enlarged View!

All photos thanks to Doug Hamilton

The Thundergun by Marx
Here is an unusual Marx gun. It was basically a response to the popularity of the Stallion 45 in that it was a Colt 45 Peacemaker.

It fired roll caps and had some really superb grips for a Cap Gun!

I hope that you folks will remember that you too can have your favorite Cap Guns on this website. Send the photos in, preferably in 640 x 480 resolution, and we will give you a "plug."

Please Click On Each Thumbnail For An Enlarged View!
All photos above are thanks to Harold Harris

And here is the Thundergun in a shadowbox.
This photo thanks to Andrew Teleki

Here's some caps for the Thundergun.
Thanks to Chuck Quinn for the above photos.

Here's a really nice example of the famous Marx Thundergun, but with the rarer buffalo grips.

Photo thanks to Jim Schleyer

Well here's certainly a fine offering from Marx! These are "Marx Miniatures" that have been framed with the Western Hero and a miniature of their favorite shootin' iron. I especially am fond of Annie Oakley, whose real name was Phoebe Ann Mosey. Folks, she was THE REAL THING!!! One of the big stars in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. I love her story.

All photos thanks to Don Raker

Roy Rogers Winchester Rifle Model 71
This rifle is the model like Roy's Model 71 Winchester. This cap rifle is 34 inches long.

Another fine offering from Don Raker.
Please Click On Each Thumbnail For An Enlarged View!

All photos thanks to Don Raker!

If these aren't rare, then I don't know Cap Guns at all. The two Johnny Yuma Rebel (from the TV Show) scatterguns on the top are Classy and the one underneath is by Marx with the original tag showing designer was Roy Ahlgreen, along with its bear claw necklace & Rebel hat.

Photo by Belinda Quan from the Chuck Quinn collection.

Marx Double Barreled Shotgun
This is the Deluxe Grade Double Barrel Shotgun by Marx. Marx made some of the finest toys in the 21st Century, and this is one of the most realistic toys made after the real "Fine Deluxe Grade Shotguns" that our Grandfathers and Great Grandfathers used to own and hunt with. It is a full 35 inches long and breaks down like the real thing. It comes complete with the original box that was inspired by and resembles the soft leather shotgun cases used during the early 1900's.

Photos by Rich Hall.
Please Click On Each Thumbnail For An Enlarged View!

Trigger Trailer Toy by Marx
Trigger had to have a trailer for his transportation!
This is for Trigger & Trigger Jr.

Many thanks to
Jim Manning of JM Toys
One of our advertisers!

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