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People all over the world are collecting Cap Guns and finding out that their collections are growing more valuable as others join in the hobby. We certainly encourage you to send in photos of your collections or part of your collection. This page might take awhile to load on your browser, as the photos will tend to be a little big. If you want to sent your photos for your page/s, then remember that my e-mail address is at the bottom of nearly every page.

I'm quite sure that these groups collectively represent several million $$$ worth of Cap Guns. The more we band together as a Cap Gun Community, the less likely it is that the Liberals will be able to successfully outlaw toy guns! Also, as we present the possibilities of ownership and the joy of collecting, the more "NEWBIES" will be attracted to this wonderful hobby!
(no particular order on how these are listed, by the way)

Send in your photos and we'll create some pages for you!

These folks are contributing. Are you???

ANDREW TELEKI (4 pages) BOB & PAT DEFEIS (9 pages)
CHARLES TROIS (4 pages) CHUCK LAYMAN (4 pages)
CHUCK QUINN (12 pages) DON RAKER (2 pages)
ED MANES (1 page) ERNIE BROWN (6 pages)
JIM & BELINDA QUAN (2 pages) JOHN BRACKEN (4 pages)
JON STREBECK (2 pages) MARK SANGRET (1 page)
MIKE SEALE (1 page) PAUL KRINGS (1 page)
RICH HALL (4 pages) RICHARD MARLIN (1 page)
RON EATON (5 pages) STEVE ARLIN (6 pages)
TIM TOBIN (3 pages) TOM JANES (1 page)
TOM McNETT (2 pages) BILL HAMBURG (4 pages)
TOM WINGE (8 pages) LARRY SMALL (2 pages)
WALT COSTA (6 pages) ELLIS BROWN (2 pages)
JOHN BORST (1 page) CLIFF DUNFEE (2 pages)
JIM MAIR (2 pages) DR. BOB (1 page)
PAUL DEVITO (1 page) TRENT CAMPA (1 page)
DAVE HARRISON (1 page) TOM LYNN (2 pages)
JIM QUICK (1 page) KENNY ILLGES (1 page)

Folks, I may as well go ahead and show one of the best. If you will click on the above collection photo belonging to Rich Hall, you will be led to the "Richsonian Institute," as Troy Greenwood calls it. Rich has one of the finest Cap Gun collections in the Milky Way Galaxy or anywhere else.
Oh, and I might mention, photo thanks to Rich Hall.

You may as well go for the gold. This may not look like a lot of money to you beginners, but IT IS A LOT. There is (clockwise) a Stallion 45 MK-II G-45, a Gold Pinto in the rare turquoise belt clip, a gold-plated Spit-Fire and another Gold Pinto. The stock number for the Pinto is G-71. You will notice that the Pintos have the fancy Circle "N" in the grips, whereas the Paints that are also sometimes gold-plated don't. Theirs is a standard metal Circle "N." The Pinto box is worth quite a bit. The Sheriff Texas Ranger badge is 24KT gold plated with blue rhinestones. Real G-45's, by the way, have the most beautiful cloudlike swirly grips. I ought to know, as I have one. Photo thanks to Brian Roeder.

How's this for a collection. These two gentlemen are Gary Davis and Tom Wallace and they are the guys who wrote the swell article in The American Rifleman for the NRA in July of 1989. I have about 3 of those issues and if I ever see them, I'll probably buy them supper out of gratitude for all of the nice things they said about Nichols Industries and my Uncle Talley.

Photo by Gregory Pries

How's this for a nice Cheyenne display? If only the donor will let me know, I'll give them a credit, but it is one of those where somebody submitted it to me and I didn't get a chance to put it up for a long time and then couldn't find the donor! Sorry!

This is an especially nice job of mounting for a small collection. I wish I could take the credit, but it's from another Mike—Mike Seale. The board really has a frame, but I used this photo instead, as it was closer up and shows off the faux alligator backing well. Thanks Mike!

I made this photo smaller HOPING that you would CLICK ON IT and see a larger photo. Note the Model 94 rifle. Though it doesn't cost an arm and a leg, most people don't own one! This is a particularly nice Nichols collection from Dick Presley! Thanks buddy! this one! I couldn't couldn't stand it; I had to put it on this page. I couldn't figure out where to put it, as 3 guns barely makes a collection, but I love Cockatoos sooooo much!!! Folks, you have no idea how expensive these particular Cockatoos are. They are Leadbeaters Cockatoos, or Major Mitchell's Cockatoos. This photo was taken by a fan named Steve Sheard from Australia. I guess he did it just to hurt me where it hurts the most: (1) I don't own 3 Stallion 45 MK-II's and (2) I have never owned a Leadbeaters Cockatoo—even though I have owned other types, having owned a pet store for 20 years. Ouch, ouch, OUCH!!! Steve: I'll trade you 6 Stallions for one Cockatoo, okay? Fair enough? (These Cockatoos are worth more (each!), here in the States, than a G-45 in perfect shape!)

More of Steve's collection below!

Here is a nice collection that originally was 2 photos and I "stitched" them together as well as I could. Panoramas are tough!
for another photo of Brian's collection and stuff!
Photo thanks to Brian Roeder

These two small collections belong to my brother Guy Nichols. Besides the fact that the guns here are all in terrific shape, the thing that makes the upper mounting apart is that it is mounted on some really fancy Canadian Birdseye Maple. So, when you see it, not only do you notice the fine guns, but the overall effect is quite nice. Thanks Guy!

In the author's own words, "Mike, Well it was a nice day so I dug out some stuff to make a picture for the collection page. I had to take the picture on the deck as there is no place to take that big of a picture in the house. Too much stuff. That is just a fraction of the cap guns that I have. I tried to get as much as I could in one picture without making everything real small. Hope you like the picture."

Even though this is a museum, The Antique Cowboy, I still consider it quite a collection, for stores and museums that are devoted to Antique Cap Guns and this sort of stuff are just wonderful. David Denton is the contributor of this nice photo.

And another submission by David Denton of the museum, The Antique Cowboy, a Hopalong Cassidy Desk and memorabilia. This is actually a genuine Hoppy Desk!!! There were tons of items that were sold under the Hoppy name and this is one of the rarest. But how can you study with all of this cool stuff?

How's this for a nice showcase (PLUS!) full of mint Cap Guns, just lined up in a row? I even see a Kilgore Long Tom in there. Those are worth about $1,000 and lookeeee at all of the boxes! My goodness. And then there are whole sets and even American Flyer trains!
Thanks to Belinda and Jim Quan of California!

Here's a nice Cap Gun collection from David Marks. Sorry David, I had to piece together the two photos that you sent me. I moved some of the guns so it would fit.
Thanks for the offering!

Why is it that I never find the good stuff and some people find cases of it?
David Denton is the lucky guy who found these!

And how's this for a good case display of caps? I am told that he has GOBS of display cases like this and specializes in caps.
Photo thanks to Dick Presley.

These are some of David Denton's favorite Cap Guns. Nice, huh?

It's very common to see Toy Cap Gun collections like this. This photo came from an Ebay auction. I contacted them and asked for permission, as usual, but never got a reply so here it is. If they ever object, then I will certainly be obliged to take it off. Thanks, whomever you are! I'm only working for the good of the hobby. A fine little set of "Big-Uns" and miniatures.

Now here's a nice collection of Nichols Cap Guns. I wish I had taken it all, but I wasn't being a very good photographer. There are more guns to the right. In fact, this is a complete set, as far as I know. As I said, there are actually more. Bit of advice: If the house burns down, save the guns, you can build a new house. Can you see that gold plated Stallion 45 from Pasadena on the right side? It's an original from the factory in Pasadena. Oh, one other point. Every single one of these Cap Guns is a MINT ORIGINAL. Lookee, there's a copper plated "something" just to the left of center. Lots of unusual ones in this collection. I wish I had one as good. This particular collection has the first Nichols Cap Gun that EVER came off of the assembly line! But be careful. You can't see it, but there's a large stuffed Kodiak Bear about 20 feet away, guarding the whole set. And of course, the regular trained guard dogs. And alarms.

Well, naturally later I took another photo. This is the right side of that collection. In the bottom foreground you can see a DEAD MINT Nichols Model 95 rifle, complete with bullet clip and bullets. You might notice that there is a strange gun with an unusual grip about a foot above that rifle. I don't know what it is. It may be a prototype for all I know. I'll have to ask. In this particular collection there are many more gun stored away in boxes. Lots! Plus all kinds of literature like "Smoke Signals."
We will be happy to list toy shows and the like (free), if you will please send them to me at: .
Should you have some nice photos and/or some text, please send them to me at: .

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