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The Stallion 300 Saddle Gun could easily be listed under "Stallions," but the "Rifles" section needed more clout, so I put it here. Besides, not everybody thinks of it as a Stallion, since Stallions were generally cap pistols.

In the late 50's Chuck Conners starred on the TV show, "The Rifleman" and naturally every kid then wanted a 30-30 rifle. Nichols filled the bill by coming out with the 300. It was just about the right size for a young kid and some of us were lucky enough to be given one of these at Christmas. Just a little later Hubley came out with one that was apparently licensed from the show and had the characteristic circular cocking lever that was on the TV show.

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Here's a nice example of the Stallion 300 Saddle Gun. This one has an almost brand new box! The little white clip is a bullet clip, which in itself is quite rare. You can see the selector switch on the right side of this gun. This one I bought on Ebay and didn't even know the bullet clip was inside until Jamie Linford told me! And that clip is expensive!

Here's a nice closeup shot of the hammer/trigger area showing the "Ejector Selector" switch. This baby uses the full-sized Stallion 45 bullets, and this switch controlled the ejection when you cocked the rifle. On "Super" the bullet would fly out when you cocked it. The bullet carrier moves toward the rear to cock the hammer.

The Stallion 300 used bullets like these, but by the time it came out, of course they were selling the regular zinc-alloy bullets. These are the more expensive aluminum bullets!

Mail in your certificate, get your bullet clip.

And here's what the certificate looked like. You won't see many of these, for most kids mailed it in. Then they were as dumb as I was and lost the bullet clip!

This toy rifle was designed well and well built, however finding one these days is a little difficult. And expensive! Find one in a mint box and you have a prize that few of your fellow collectors will have.

Here's an old ad for Nichols Cap Guns
from a comic book circa 1961.

Photo by Darin Carlson—Thanks!

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This Web Site Constructed by Syntropy Properties, Inc. © Copyright All Rights Reserved

This Web Site Constructed by Syntropy Properties, Inc. © Copyright All Rights Reserved

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