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This website is dedicated to serveral things that (I hope) will be a real help in your life:

1.) Raising the awareness level of how important our Constitution is, completely with our freedoms and our RIGHTS!!!

2.) Bringing new people into the hobby. Too many of our collectors are older people who played "Cowboys and Indians" when kids, but are geriatric now—including me! We need to captivate a new, younger, livelier audience from the next generation so that the collecting continues. It will also make the value of our individual collections go up, as they just aren't making that old quality anymore.

3.) Help those who are already in the hobby get enough information about their own Cap Guns and memorabilia to either complete their sets, or to aid in the selling of their sets.

4.) Help establish the various dealers whom everybody knows and need all of the help they can get. It's tough being a dealer, but I am always here to aid you in any way that is feasible.

5.) Help collectors in finding parts or others so that they can fix and repair what they have.

6.) Establish a cohesive community in which we realize a good hobby when we see it and also free our society from those evil influences that would otherwise drag us down.

7.) Bring HISTORY back to life...of a day—either in the Old West—or just in our own lives, where times were different and we don't want to lose those memories.

8.) Guarantee a forum where any old antique toy can be sold without stupid restrictions that cripple the seller.

(and why you need to consider your support)

1.) Every day I get lots of e-mail from all over the world, asking questions on identification or values (I usually don't know values.). I politely answer what I can or steer those people to you people who do know. I am right there on the front lines for you!

2.) I constantly upgrade the website so that more and more Cap Guns are listed in order to aid in the visual identification of the Cap Guns and also provide some pertinent data.

3.) I help those who normally couldn't afford a website to sell their wares or don't have the knowledge to do the programming.

4.) I provide a Classified Section that offsets the mind-numbing effects of the Politically Correct Crowd who are constantly making up new rules on how you can't sell or list your memorabilia.

5.) And why do I do this? To be perfectly fair, I am quite interested in earning a living from it, but unless I hit the jackpot, it will always be quite modest. But I have a history of my own family and also those other famous companies out there that has a chance of simply fading away. I don't want that. I want our kids to find out how we had such fun as kids ourselves. I want the Talley Nichols and Lewis Nichols and Mr. Bill Simpsons of this world to be remembered.

It actually costs me about $575 per month to run this site. Why so expensive? Because I incur other costs like: answering the phone if you call (cells phones costs too much!), answering your emails (cheap), having a high-speed internet connection (too expensive and other little things that never seem to go away. So, while it's not terribly expensive, I don't quite get enough contributions to cover it, so the rest comes out of my own pocket. True, I make up ground on my embedded websites, but still earn about "minimum wage." So thank you if you can help!
The more time I can devote to this project, the better it gets!

This website is free to the public—but you might be surprised at how much effort and expense it takes. I'm pretty sure that I'm the last survivor of a founder of a major Cap Gun company, who also happens to build websites, so I guess it's up to me.

If you would like to contribute and help us keep a project which educates the public on our GREAT HOBBY, encourages new devotees to the hobby and also provides a place for Classified Ads whereby everybody can be better off, then you can donate to the effort. Contributions are considered GIFTS by the IRS Code and we definitely have to file tax returns, so donations are NOT tax deductible, but every little bit helps. I have provided a button whereby you can help. here:

We Take The Following Payment Options

We also won't solicit you in the mail or on the phone or e-mails like the "other" organizations. The only thing you're likely to get from me is a simple, "Thank You Very Much."

We will be happy to list toy shows and the like (free), if you will please send them to me at: .
Should you have some nice photos and/or some text, please send them to me at: .

This Web Site Constructed by Syntropy Properties, Inc. © Copyright All Rights Reserved

This Web Site Constructed by Syntropy Properties, Inc. © Copyright All Rights Reserved

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