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Buzz Henry is a small company about which I know almost nothing. It has been said that the owner of Leslie-Henry's son's nickname was "Buz" and that is where the name of the guns came from. Send me information and then 2 of us can know more about them. However, their Cap Guns are still available and so we present them here.


There are over 8,000 pages (including those from thumbnails—and the site is still growing!) on this website that will give you more information plus BIGGER PHOTOS!
Rare Stevens 49-er in BRONZE!
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Normally I don't grovel and beg for money, but I am past that stage, as the site is so difficult to keep up.


Believe me, even small contributions help! This is the only site where you are likely to find most of the Cap Guns ever made. The site will always be free to use, but it's not free for me.

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Buzz Henry Ranger
Since I have hardly ever seen one of these and since James had such a hard time identifying it, then this particular version, though not exactly "Earth Shattering," must be a little rare. It's a standard Buzz Henry Cap Gun, and its dimensions are 7-3/4" long and 3-1/2" in height.

Thanks to James McMahon!
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

Here is a great shot of the same type of gun, but with white grips from the rare so that you can easily see the release mechanism.

Thanks to Ken Wood of Nova Scotia!

This cast-iron Cap Gun was made by the M.A. Henry Company of New York. While technically not a Buzz Henry, they were really all one big happy family. This gun is not really a Cap Gun, but is a solid gun. It was made around 1942.
Photo by David Denton.

Here's a Cap Gun that you almost never see. It's similar to the BH Wild Bill Hickok, but a little more "generic."
Photo by Steve Arlin.

This is the same basic gun, but with the Davy Crockett name written on it. This one is a single-shot. Most unusual.

Thanks to Dave Klahn of The Ten Gallon Hat.

I'm not sure who made all of these Range Rider sets, but the one on the upper left was by M.A. Henry of Canada, of Buzz Henry fame.
Photo by Belinda Quan from the Chuck Quinn collection.

Here's an unusual Well Fargo Pony Express double holster outfit by Buzz Henry. It features Cap Guns that say "RANGER" on them.

Photos by Jim Mair of Jim's Antique Toys.

Buzz Henry Lone Rider
Here is a Buzz Henry Lone Rider with the scripted "Lone Rider" lettering on its frame. This gun apparently also comes in a black finish version.
Many thanks to Jerry James for these photos.

Here's the Lone Rider, but also with a Lone Rider holster (sans belt).
Thanks to Dave Klahn of The Ten Gallon Hat.

Gene Autry by Buzz Henry
Right View This is one of the smaller Cap Guns. It is almost 8 inches long.

Apparently the box was used for several different models of the Gene Autry guns.

Thanks to Ron Kelley.
Right Break
Left View Common Box
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Cute Slideshow Above On A Buzz Henry (Leslie-Henry) Gene Autry Box
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All slideshow photos thanks to Jennifer Jones!

Buzz Henry Gene Autry Cap Gun
This is really the same gun as above and was made by Leslie-Henry for Buzz Henry, but features Gene Autry.

Thanks to Rich Hall for these photos!
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

More Gene Autry by Buzz Henry
I had the chance to get some more fine photos of the same model as above, so I took it. Besides, the views are a little different and there is a little more to learn. This website is, after all, a reference work of sorts. (In addition to building up the hobby!)
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

These super sharp photos are thanks to Doug Hamilton.

Same Gun As Above, But w/ Blue Grips
Here is the same gun as above, but I put it here to illustrate the point that the grips came in more than one color. The finish on these guns is especially nice.

And here's a 1-2 punch: In Gold and with Red Grips! And the 3rd punch is a mint box! Beat this!
Chuck says that this is from M.A. Henry of Canada. I guess he knows. But it still has a "BH" on the grips.

Photos by Chuck Quinn.

How's this for a nice gold set of Gene Autry cap guns? The guns are Buzz Henry, and the box says that the whole thing was manufactured by Leslie Henry Of Mount Vernon, NY.
Thanks to Scott McCollum.

Our thanks to Dan Morphy of Morphy Auctions for this photo.

Roy Rogers by Buzz Henry
As I have said before, the "King of the Cowboys" had quite a few companies manufacturing Cap Guns for him. Here is a Buzz Henry offering.

This is a reasonably small gun, only measuring about 8 inches.

The photos with the red backgrounds are thanks to Doug Hamilton.
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

And here's the same gold, but this time in gold.

Photos thanks to Toby O'Brien

And here's the same gun with a holster from the time that's just the right size.

And here's the same gun, but in a special presentation box. The box is probably more rare than the gun, which is many times the case.

Photo by David Denton

You're just not going to get a much more beautiful photo of Buzz Henry Cap Guns than this. These are all from Canada and though the top one could easily have been on the regular Leslie-Henry page, I have included it here. These guns must be worth a few sets of tires! And the boxes? My goodness!!! I do have to wonder why the definite article "the" was left out on Roy's emblem? He is "The King Of The Cowboys."

Photos by Chuck Quinn.

And where would the "King of the Cowboys" be without the "Queen of the West?" Here we have a nice pair of your basic Buzz Henry Cap Guns, but with pink grip inserts and Dale's name on them. I tell you, just about any Cap Gun with Dale Evan's name on it is going to be an extremely good investment!!! It seems that there just aren't enough of her guns to fill the demand. So I see them go up and up in value.

The second photo is of a Buzz Henry Cap Gun and holster, but also with a YankiBoy "Official Cowgirl Outfit" added to it.

Here's another Dale Evans Set to make you drool. This is a Canadian set.

Thanks to our friend David Denton for this offering.

Extremely Rare Buzz Henry "Wild Bill Hickok"
Wild Bill Hickok. Aces and Eights. "A Dead Man's Hand." Everybody knows the story of how Wild Bill died. He shouldn't have sat with his back to the door!

Probably the most unusual thing about this Buzz Henry Cap Gun is that it doesn't have the standard inserts for grips.

Thanks to Doug Hamilton for these photos!
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

Well, I'm not making so much of a fuss over Steve's Cap Guns from Buzz Henry, as merely grouping them all together in one place, since he went to the effort of actually sending me these photos. Steve goes out of his way to try and capture as high a percentage as he possibly can on any particular brand of Cap Gun. And being very competitive, he REALLY GOES AFTER THEM! He does have one of the finest Cap Gun collections in the world, and I hope you will visit his collection on the Collections Page. He has also been a very good friend to this website in many ways. Thanks Steve.

Well, I'm going to violate on of the basic tenets of website design and that is that you NEVER make a page where your visitors have to scroll side-to-side. But I'm putting this photo in its extreme size on the page (if you will click on this "thumbnail,") and it doesn't even fit on my monitor. But I want you to be able to see (in as much detail as is humanly possible) each gun in its entirety. It's also going to load slowly, because the photo is 2418 x 1790 pixels. That's rather huge. Probably Steve has a monitor that big, but mine only goes up to 1920 pixels wide.

List of Buzz Henry Cap Guns
Gene Autry Buffalo Bill Davy Crockett
Bronco Wild Bill Hickock Dale Evans
Annie Oakley Gene Autry Dale Evans
Annie Oakley Gene Autry Roy Rogers
Wyatt Earp Gene Autry Roy Rogers
Lone Rider Ranger Lone Rider

Thank you Steve for the photos.

We will be happy to list toy shows and the like (free), if you will please send them to me at: .
Should you have some nice photos and/or some text, please send them to me at: .

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