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Besides the very popular Stallion series, there was the very popular Dyna-Mite. The most interesting stories about the DYNA-MITE are told in Uncle Talley's book, so I won't go into those details. However, this little gun created a sensation when it first came out back in 1957. Suddenly every kid in the neighborhood had to have one—or two. They were small enough to "hide" in pockets so that when the Bad Guys disarmed you, they would probably overlook your hidden weapon.

This little gun uses the standard Stallion 38 2-piece bullet and the basic model came with one.

The Dyna-Mite is the only Nichols Toy Cap Gun that ever had multiple sets of tooling produced, the demand was so high. In fact, they were so popular that they were produced with boxes and without; on cards and in bulk; gold-toned and standard chrome—and with different color grips.

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Another blued version of a Nichols cap gun. This one was a real steal back in the 50's for $1.49, for it had lots of bullets and lots of caps. There were actually some kids who piled the caps in a big pile and then hit them all with a hammer. BOOM!

A mint "still on the card" set like this is very prized. Add to that the blued gun and you have a winner.

Here's some nice photos of DYNA-MITES on store cards.

This one's pretty cheap!   
(at least originally)


This one's cheaper!


Photo contributions by
one of our advertisers!
Jamie Linford.
The sales of the Dyna-Mite outstripped any other gun ever sold. There were also "gold" plated versions and then there were GOLD PLATED VERSIONS. I have seen both. And, there were Dyna-Mites in special boxes and Dyna-Mites in plastic belt holsters. Some people might even have Dyna-Mite Christmas tree ornaments. For awhile there was a Dyna-Mite frenzy!

Almost twins. The upper gun was made BEFORE
Kusan and the lower one is AFTER the Kusan deal.
The Kusan one is "gold" and doesn't say "Dyna-Mite."
The Kusan model is riveted. Notice no screw on the grip.
The above photo shows some of the differences between the original Nichols-type designs and the later Kusan-type designs. The upper one (Nichols) has SCREWS! The lower one is riveted together. The lower one retains the Circle "N" but doesn't say Nichols on it. The upper one proudly boasts "Jacksonville, Texas U.S.A." One of things little kids like to do is to take apart their toys and Nichols guns were easy to take apart—and put back together.

This gun is sold on internet auctions more than any other Nichols gun and is quite reasonable to purchase. Some of the last versions by Kusan didn't allow bullets.

Here's a nice example of a Dyna-Mite in a belt holster.
Photo thanks to Doug Hamilton!

Another variation of the Dyna-Mite with blue grips and a blue belt holster.

Here's the same basic Dyna-Mite, but gold plated from Ben and Katie Graves.

Here's the black version of the Dyna-Mite and they have several still in the boxes.
Photos thanks to Ben and Katie Graves
These are shots of the VERY RARE G-70 Golden Toned Dyna-Mite presentation model.
Uncle Talley told Ted that he thought they made less than 50 of these.
Photos by Ted Dietrich

Here is a pretty good close-up of the service policy. It's really hard to imagine sending in 35 CENTS and getting a toy serviced these days!
(Thanks to Ken Thompson)
This model is not near as rare, but is still a good find. It is a G-70R DYNA-MITE, which is a "goldish" gun, though I have never seen one quite like this. 

Photo thanks to Robert Nichols

This was a version with a little wrist holster so that you could hide the Dyna-Mite up your sleeve when the Bad Guys had already confiscated your back-up pistol.

Photo by John M. Bracken Thanks!

Here Carnell used a Nichols Dyna-Mite (Kusan years) to distribute their unusual version. This Dyna-Mite is gold toned.

Photo by Jim Mair

Here's a "3rd Party" offering from Mr. Al Cohen of Alpha Enterprises. If you recall, Mr. Cohen was linked to Nichols Industries through the caps. He also sold lots of regular fireworks. But he came up with this "Saloon Girl" protection and combined it with the popular Dyna-Mite.

Photo by Dan and Karen Dozier of ToyTent, makers of the best reproduction cap gun boxes there are. See our Dealers Page.

Dyna-Mite 8-Gang Mold!
Now HERE'S SOMETHING that you won't see every day!!! It's a mold for the Dyna-Mite grips! It's hard to believe that tooling still exists on old Cap Gun products, but it does and not only for the Nichols brand.

Photo by Bob Terry of Wild West Toys
One of our advertisers!

Here is a rare gold Dyna-Mite that is Mint In The Box.

This is a 24-Carat Gold Plated Dyna-Mite in a cherry wood presentation box that was given to special salespeople or dealers. Very Nice Indeed!

Photos by Ben Graves

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This Web Site Constructed by Syntropy Properties, Inc. © Copyright All Rights Reserved

This Web Site Constructed by Syntropy Properties, Inc. © Copyright All Rights Reserved

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