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Even more Cap Guns from Mattel!


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Rare Stevens 49-er in BRONZE!
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Mattel Fanner 50 Wrangler Holster Set
Here's another variation of the Fanner 50 promotion with a Dura-Hyde holster. The box would fold up as a target, but I would have used it simply for display purposes.

Thanks to Brian Roeder/Don Raker.
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

Mattel Fanner 50
Mattel is one of the most famous toy companies that there ever has been.

Their Cap Guns, however, are still out there and are still being collected by very avid fans. The Mattel Fanner 50 is one of the most famous Cap Guns that has ever been made. And who can forget Greenie Stik-M-Caps®?

And a nice boxed set!
The Above Photos Courtesy of I Sell Neat Stuff
And here's a couple of nice photos of a Black Fanner 50 with the VERY unusual white Impala grips! This rare Cap Gun is from 1962. It is called "The Cowboy In Africa" model, for a short-lived series starring Chuck Conners (the Rifleman!).

Thank you so much Derek Hadfield for these photos!
And here's a couple of nice photos of the grips from our good friend from California, Doug Hamilton, to go with this group.
Please Click On Each Thumbnail For An Enlarged View!

Here's a Chuck Conners labeled Cowboy In Africa set with the Fanner 50 from our friend Scott McCollum.

Here are a couple of wonderful Lone Ranger sets from our buddy Bob DeFeis (see his collection!). You might notice that the grips of the set on the left have the African theme, which is why I put them here. The ones on the right are plain white. Hey...what about Tonto? Without him the Lone Ranger would have died many times over!

This is a nice Fanner 50 Marshal set from Scott McCollum. Notice the very rare red holster set. Mattel offered these in 4 colors, supposedly because they were trying to attract girls to buying them.

Here's one of these different colored holster set in blue from Rich Hall. This one also has the more rare larger Mattel bullets.

And again, here is an offering from Rich Hall. This is a "Fanner 50" cap gun with the "grapefruit" style rotating cylinder in excellent condition, but the unusual thing about this set is the holster. it is an exact copy of a Mattel "Marshal" single holster except that it is stamped "Texas Ranger" and has loops for only nine(9) bullets instead of eighteen(18) on the Mattel produced holsters. Even the stamped lettering is the same style block lettering used by Mattel on their holsters. It was made by Modern Toys Company of Japan. Modern Toys manufactured many high quality copies of American made cap guns and this holster is no exception to the quality of materials and workmanship exhibited by Modern Toys. At first glance one would think that it is a Mattel holster for the "Fanner 50" until you look further and see that the name above the holster pocket is different and that the makers mark and "Made in Japan" are stamped on the belt below the name.

Very Early Mattel Fanner 50 Double Holster Set
That blank yellow sticker on the box makes this set rare, and they are the first model Fanner 50 guns Mattel made with the nickel finish and a stationary cylinder. They later added a yellow sticker that said "NEW bullet loading action." The factory must have tested putting this sticker on some boxes without the Bullet loading Action printed on the sticker.

Thanks to our buddy Scott McCollum for these photos.
Please Click On Each Thumbnail For An Enlarged View!

And here's another example of how a company will take an idea and re-package it into something else. It's still the basic "Cowboy in African" approach, from Scott McCollum.

Here's a smoking Fanner-50 from the TV show (I guess) with the Impala grips from Jamie Linford one of our advertisers.

Here is a Rango by Mattel. It's basically a "Cowboy in Africa" Cap Gun, but with a different name. You can just barely see behind the holster where it says, "FANNER 50." This is one I have never seen before. But I don't get around much!
Photo by Tim Tobin

Well, about the time I get a photo of a single holster set, someone sends me a double set. Pretty nice, huh?
Photo by Neil Cowen

And yet another way to package the Rango Fanner 50.
Photo by Tim Tobin

This is the same "series" (if you can call it that) rifle by Mattel. Rango was a very short comedy Western series starring Tim Conway that didn't do well.
Photos by Tim Tobin

Here is a different Fanner 50 box that is from 1958.

This is the same box as above, but you will notice that it doesn't have the promotional sticker on the left side.

The Mattel Crossdraw Fanner 50 was the marketing fellows—grabbing at the Bat Masterson and Bronco Lane audience. It's a childhood favorite of mine, and when I find my Bat Masterson cane they're going to be kept right next to each other. The Fanner 50 was the workhorse gun for Mattel and before and after Shootin' Shell guns they were still making them. A rarer holster that still has pizazz! I love crossdraw holsters to this day because of Bat. Gene Barry made the role his own as so many western stars did, and this was only one product ancillary to the character. Oh my good right arm for a Carnell Stag Handled Bat Masterson pistol!

Thanks to Pete McDermott for this photo! (and text!)

And here's a nice Smoking Fanner 50 in a shadow box from Jamie Linford.

And yet another Fanner 50 with bullet pak from Jamie Linford.

Here's the Dura-Hyde gun and holster set with the Shootin' Shell Fanner with the display cover intact on the right and that cover removed on the left side.
Thanks again to Jamie Linford.

Here's the same basic concept, but in a double holster set.

Here's a mint in the box Dura-Hyde Fanner 50 set that is really nice!
Photo thanks to Scott McCollum of Cap Gun Treasures.

Here's a couple of photos (above and below) of a Shootin' Shell Fanner in a "Shadow Box" that is complete with greenie® STIK-M-CAPS®. This particular example is as MINT as you will ever see. I don't even see any fingerprints on it. Where do people find these things? I can't find any! Art says he found it stored away in a Goodwill Store. Lucky stiff!!!!!

These photos by Art Hannah. Thanks!

This is a type of Fanner and Buckle Gun and Gun Holster Set I had not seen before! But the box is the main thing. It's quite different from any of the other Fanner boxes.

Photo thanks to Larry McGrew of California.

Mattel Snub Nose 38

In the latter years more non-West guns were made. Here is the right view.

This Mattel gun is in pretty good shape. I can see how toys like this could fool a good cop!
Thanks to "Koons Kollectibles" for the above photos!
Click on thumbnails to see nice examples by Ken Thompson!

Top view of the box that this snub-nosed 38 might come in.

Side view of the box that this snub-nosed 38 might come in.
Thanks to "I SELL NEAT STUFF" (Judy Sinkular) for these photos.

Dick Tracy Snub Nose .38 Set
Here is a mint set with the gun, holster, etc that is dedicated to the comic strip character Dick Tracy.

Photos thanks to Rich Hall of Cap Gun Toys

Mattel Shootin' Shell Snub Nose 38

This may look like a Smith and Wesson, but it's not. It's a Mattel. And it doesn't have a cylinder that comes out of the left side to reload, but has a loading gate like a Colt 45.

Thanks to Doug Hamilton for the photos.

Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

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