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Even more Cap Guns from Mattel!

Normally I don't grovel and beg for money, but we are past that stage. Originally we had enough brave (read: loyal) souls who helped us each month by contributing a little to our cause of maintaining this website. Not so much anymore. The financial contributions have dwindled down to a small trickle.

Besides the expense of keeping it up, the Internet itself and Microsoft have been "upping the ante." Now the Internet wants a mobile-friendly website and we don't know how to convert a 7,000+ page custom website over to a format where you can always read it on a smartphone or tablet. This is a "Static" website—the largest on the internet. But it is only a matter of time before we lose it all to scientific inertia. I'm old, have only Windows 7 (my editing software won't load on a later versions of Windows) and though I have been building websites all over North America for 21 years, I don't know how to keep up with these changes and am worried about losing it all.

I would ask those who are enjoying this site to PLEASE contribute at least a little to helping us keep it going. This is the only site where you are likely to find nearly anything ever made—especially in die-cast Cap Guns. If you can't send a financial contribution, then send photos and info of a Cap Gun not on the site! That builds the value of the site.


Thanks a bunch!

—George Michael (Mike) Nichols, Texas

Let's start this page with something WEIRD. A Mattel 1965 POCKET SHOT CAP GUN!!! You just aren't going to even understand how this gun works,
Then you will see it in all of its weirdness.

Thanks to Curtis Chute for this photo

Here's an old ad off of a cereal box. I would like to have the 16,000 guns in my possession right now, MINT of course.

Mattel "Grease Gun" Sub Machine Gun, 1950's
Here's an old "Grease Gun" that was modeled after the popular sub-machine gun in World War II. I think that Mattel probably made more types of machine guns than any other company.

Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

Photos Thanks To Greg Hemmer

Here's an interesting way to put a set together, this one using the Mattel Guerilla Tommy Gun.

Thanks to ISELLNEATSTUFF (read: Judy and Don Sinkular) for this photo.

Here's a way to "cheat" on your fast draw. This holster simply swivels on the belt and "BANG" the Bad Guy is dead.

Thanks to Rich Hall for this photo

Swivel Shot Trick Holster
Here's basically the same outfit as above, but certainly in a different box, with a slightly different slant to the fast draw opportunity.

All photos by Jonathan P. Sullivan

Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

Mattel Planet of the Apes Cap Gun
Now here's a seldom seen variety of the gun above. Mattel made this, thinking it would sell, but when it didn't they pulled it rather quickly and so it is almost never even seen. A Bronze finish!

Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

Photos Thanks To Bob Garvey

This is a rifle that I'm sure that A VERY FEW OF YOU even know about. Why? I never see it auctioned! This rifle has a Lewis Machine Gun type of magazine like those that were on the top of a biplane in World War I, but it is under the receiver area of a Winchester-type .30-30 rifle. Go figure! Pretty nutty, huh? That means you have to get one!

Mattel Agent Zero "Potshot" Wrist Band & Derringer!
Be Sure To Click On Photo Above!

All Photos Thanks To Joseph Nagy

Here's an Agent Zero Weapons set from Mattel that it in perfect shape pretty much.

Now here is an item that is just a little weird.

Though it has a safety (!) when the safety is off, then you can "flex" your stomach muscles and the Derringer flips out.

Then the Bad Guys flip out too because they thought they had you covered. I guess. This little gun/buckle combination seems to be in PERFECT shape!

—Thanks to Louis Casamassa, California!

Just when I had convinced myself that I could leave well enough alone, I found this photo online and since Bob has given me carte blanche to use his photos, I just had to show you one of the Cap Gun industry's favorite trick. The "Agent Zero" buckle gun you see above was also sold as a simple Remington Derringer buckle.

—Thanks to Bob Garvey

And this is the box for this little gun. —thanks to Ken Thompson
(Click To See Back Side!)

Here's some "SHOOTIN' SHELLS" from Mattel. —thanks to Ken Thompson

To the right we see some bullets designed for the famous "Greenie Stick 'em Caps." What kid could resist not having enough ammunition and be caught short when the wagon train was surrounded by Indians? Or when they were stopping armed robbers who were just coming out of the bank?

Here's some more shells and a nice Mattel bag for them.

The back side of this same buckle and its mechanism for surprising the Bad Guys.

Oh, why not? One more shot of this weird contraption. Here's the gun that has "sprung" out.

—Thanks to Eric Zurbruegg

This seemed like an appropriate spot to put the bear shootin' shell target display. Things like this are really rare today.

Photo by that generous soul...Jack Rosenthal, one of our advertisers. If you need spare parts or repairs, just think of Toys and More, which is Jack's outfit.

Here's a whole carton of the Buckle Guns!
Photo by Jack Rosenthal of Toys and More!

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This Web Site Constructed by Syntropy Properties, Inc. © Copyright All Rights Reserved

This Web Site Constructed by Syntropy Properties, Inc. © Copyright All Rights Reserved

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