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Daisy is most famous for their BB Guns (officially Daisy Airguns). The company, basically, came out of the American Civil War (more properly called "The War Between The States" or other names—depending on where you live!) and started (BB gun-wise) in 1886. Officially they are the Daisy Manufacturing Company, but started out as The Plymouth Iron Windmill Company in Plymouth, Michigan, close to Detroit. The gun, the "Chicago" air rifle (mostly wooden), had been made since 1885 by the Markham Air Rifle Company. The windmill company (which developed the metal gun) gave away the air rifle to farmers who bought a windmill and after hitting the target during a demonstration, the general manager, Lewis Hough declared, "That's a Daisy!" The name stuck. Farmers liked the air gun more than the windmills. Kind of funny, huh? These are well-known public facts, but can be found at their official website at:

The part that interests us is that Daisy had other companies—notably Nichols Industries, of course, manufacture Cap Guns for them and some of them are SERIOUS prizes to this day. There are a few examples of Daisy Cap Guns made by Nichols that are even more rare and valuable than their Nichols counterparts. I wish I had them all! We will feature a few of them here.


There are over 8,000 pages (including those from thumbnails—and the site is still growing!) on this website that will give you more information plus BIGGER PHOTOS!
Rare Stevens 49-er in BRONZE!
(then go find it!)

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Believe me, even small contributions help! This is the only site where you are likely to find most of the Cap Guns ever made. The site will always be free to use, but it's not free for me.

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Daisy Red Ranger Rifle
Until I am corrected, I'm sticking this rifle in the Daisy section, since it looks similar to the Texas John Slaughter Rifle by Daisy.

Thanks to Steve Arlin

The rifle pictured is a Mint Daisy cork ball rifle complete with cork balls and instruction literature. And extra ammo! Never go to war without enough ammo.

How's this for a nice Cheyenne display? This looks like a display put together by Daisy itself. Maybe I'm wrong, but it sure is fancy!

Daisy 45
I didn't know that Daisy made a Colt 45, but if it's made, then the chances are always good that Chuck Quinn would have it. It looks suspiciously like the Leslie-Henry .44 series. They must have had a surplus of little rubies at the factory, for every gun has 14 in it. Please notice the Indian Brave on the grip. I haven't seen another like it. Two feathers. After reading up a little more on the BCM company of England, I found this Cap Gun was made by them for Daisy. Daisy distributed a lot of guns with their name on them, but made by other companies. I have this Cap Gun featured on the Others Page as well with some nice photos!

Photos thanks to Chuck Quinn.

Click on the thumbnails for larger photos!

I thought I was the only one who ever watched Ramar of the Jungle. Apparently not. The series didn't last long. About as long as Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, but it was a good series. The rifle seems to be Ideal, but the holster set is definitely Daisy.
Photo contributions by Ed Manes

Another rifle set for Ramar of the Jungle.
Photo contribution by Jack Rosenthal

In Ed's own words, "Here is the "full" (?) Ramar of the Jungle collection, which is now the 'World's Most Extensive and Expensive.' The pistol set is Daisy, the long rifle set is Ideal, and the shorter cork rifle is Daisy. I must be nuts." If you click on this large "thumbnail," then you will see a truly large photo, depending on the size of your own monitor. I must be nuts too.
Photo contributions by Ed Manes

Here are a couple of nice BCM Cap Guns. The Daisy 38 was produced by BCM, but distributed by Daisy in a contract deal, imported to the US by Harvell-Kilgore.
Photo contribution by Belinda Quan.

Here is the box for the Daisy 38 above.
Photo by Chuck Quinn

"Daisy Kid"
Nichols produced several different Cap Gun models for Daisy Manufacturing of Rogers, Arkansas in the early 1960's known as the "Spittin Image" series of cap guns. This is one of several models made for Daisy based on the Nichols "Stallion 38."

Photos thanks to Rich Hall
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

Here's another good photo of the Daisy Kid and this time with a box!
Photo by Chuck Quinn

Daisy Smoker Rifle
We could hardly present a more weird gun than this one. A 1958 #961 Daisy Big Smoke Super Play Toy Rifle, Inscribed: "NUMBER 961" "DAISY MFG CO, PLYMOUTH MI USA, US PAT 2729208." Approximate length: 25.5" After it is cocked and trigger is pulled, it makes a loud popping sound. It does not fire projectiles. A quick search says this one was manufactured in 1958. All parts look original.

Photos thanks to Reneé Pfeiffer
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

Here's a nice photo of his Daisy from Cary Cotterman, showing how it cocks. He says it still works, so Daisy made a fine product. And that's after 52 years!

Daisy Bullseye
I'm pretty sure that this gun is another one made by Nichols for Daisy—or Daisy just copied the Stallion 38. It is still basically a clone of the famous Stallion 38, but blued.
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!
All of these photos are thanks to Bill Zide.

Daisy Bullseye 50 Shot Repeater
Here is a fairly unusual Daisy cap gun - the Bullseye 50. According to Rudy D'Angelo it came in Sugarfoot sets and is part of the Spittin' Image series. I think that means it was probably made by Nichols. It is about 7.5 inches long and has a gold hammer and trigger and is similar to the Bullseye that looks like a Stallion 38, but this one shoots 50 caps.

Photos thanks to Tim Tobin.

Click on the thumbnails for larger photos!

Daisy boxes. These are all pretty much the same thing. Surprising to me a little.
Photo by Chuck Quinn

Daisy Detective Set By Nichols
This is the Daisy Special Agent 357 Magnum Holster Set made by Nichols. The set displays very well with reference to several popular TV series from the late 50's and early 60's 77 Sunst Strip; Hawaiian Eye; SurfSide 6; and The Roaring 20's. This is a very rare set that shoots the three piece bullets and is in near mint condition.

See how this set also could have the silver tipped bullets?
Photo by Dr. Bob Peters

Here is the box for this Detective set from Daisy. I'm quite sure that this Cap Gun would be politically incorrect these days, wouldn't it?
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!
All of these photos are thanks to Rich Hall.
Here's another set showing some extra bullets, etc.
Thanks to David Denton.

This is the Daisy Detective (by Nichols) mint on the card. Very rare and expensive too!
Photo by Jamie Linford

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