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Bob Gray came up with a good suggestion that will help people identify Cap Guns if they are rather new to the hobby and that is to have a list of logos (where available). Some companies didn't have any logos, but most did have at least one. Some made Cap Guns for other companies and have a slightly different logo on them, but I will try to list them as well as possible. Of course there's no point in putting a "logo" where it's only the full name of the company.

Actoy and sometimes Esquire. This is sort of a Trojan style horse. Since Buzz Henry was a division (sort of) of Leslie-Henry, then they had the rearing horse, but most of the time also had the BH in the circle also. If Carnell had one at all, it was sometimes a simple "C" in a circle. I guess this Bullseye typified Daisy as much as anything else and was really based on their BB Gun series. Since HALCO had other companies make Cap Guns for them, as they were a distributing company, they would accept nearly anything, but the Diamond "H" was pretty common.

Surprisingly enough, Hubley Cap Guns didn't usually have a logo, but if they did, then this was it. Sometimes Kilgore's Circle "K" was in the plastic and sometimes in the metal. And as you can see on the lower one, sometimes the "K" didn't quite reach the circle. Sometimes it was "L-H" and sometimes only the simple "H," but usually there was the rearing horse. This Indian symbol was about all I could find for Lone Star. We Texans, of course, don't count a star as a logo belonging to a company. And besides, many guns had one. Yeah, I know, the full name is here, but there is more to it than simply that. Marx usually didn't put their logo on the gun, but almost always put it on the box, along with "Magic Marxie."

Well, this one (from Mattel) is from the Agent Zero series. They had another logo on some guns, but I don't have a decent close-up. As far as I know, this is the ONLY logo that is spelled symbolically. A regular hieroglyph. "Y" And Dot, which, of course, is Wyandotte. And last but not least, the Nichols Circle "N" logo. The top one is the first one, from the Silver Colt, then second one was the first plastic one from the Stallion 45 MK-II, the third one is from the G-45 (and a few others) and the last one was used on most of the other Cap Guns.
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