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Hubley was from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and started in 1894. The Hubley company made some of the finest Cap Guns you ever saw. The Texans and the Cowboy were especially popular. They made guns with nice scrollwork and some that were gold. They are still considered very valuable collector's items. If you collect Cap Guns, then (besides Nichols Industries Cap Guns, of course!!!) you have got to have a good collection of Hubleys.

One of their most popular Cap Guns was from The Rifleman television show starring Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford. It had that special cocking lever so he could really fire quickly. There are several examples in this Hubley section.

Then there is their fabulous Colt 45 that was a full-sized model of the Civil War pistol. I love it!

(in Uncle Talley's order)


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Close-Up of the Grip A Big Box For A Pair Of Valuable Guns

The Hubley Texan Jr. Gold Jubileers
This is definitely a rare set of Cap Guns! Very few came two to a box.

Thanks to Jack Becaccio of KrackerJack Collectables
from Staten Island, New York for the photos!

Here's a great photo (and a bigger one if you click on it) of a rare black Hubley Texan Junior.

Photos thanks to Jim Manning.

Hubley Short Barreled Texan Jr. (Transition)
This Cap Gun Model by Hubley is one of those that was a "transition" model that bridged the gap between purely cast-iron Cap Guns and die-cast Cap Guns.

It had some parts made out of cast-iron and some that were die-cast. A very valuable collector's item.
All photos thanks to Bob Garvey!
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

Hubley Long Barrel Texan Jr. (transition)
This is the same basic Cap Gun as that one above it, but this one has the longer barrel. Looks nice, huh?

Thanks to Doug Hamilton for the photos.
Please Click On Each Thumbnail For An Enlarged View!

Hubley Texan Jr. Gold Finish
The reasons I have included this Texan Jr. is its unusual method of releasing the cylinder and its gold toned finish.

The Texan and Texan Junior were so popular that Hubley made quite a few different variations and this is just one of them.

Photos thanks to Doug Hamilton.
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

Here's a nice boxed set photo, thanks to Hendrik Sharples.

And here are some Ruff'n Ready Spurs. I don't know who made the Ruff'n Ready series.

Photos thanks to Scott McCollum.

Hubley Texan Jr.
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

All Photos Thanks To Carl and Ginger Robbins

Hubley Texan Junior w/ Bronze Finish
Here is a Hubley Texan Junior in MINT shape that is the bronze finish. As much as a Nichols hates to admit, those Hubley Cap Guns WERE nice!

I hope that you folks will remember that you too can have your favorite Cap Guns on this website. Send the photos in, preferably in 800 x 600 resolution, and we will give you a "plug."

All of these excellent photos are from Doug Hamilton.

Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

The Last Hubley Texan Jr. Version (sort of)
It is really a tribute to a Cap Gun that it would be made in so many different versions. The Hubley Texan Jr. was one of those types of guns.

Photos thanks to Don Raker.
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

Here's a really nice close-up of the same basic Texan Jr. And if you click on this photo, then you will see another view of the other side.

Photos thank to Brent Valerien

This is the same model, but essentially mint on the card. Just try and buy it for $1.00. It's more likely to cost you $135 mint on the card.

Photos thank to Jamie Linford

Later Hubley Texan Jr. Bronze

Photos thanks to Chuck Quinn

Though I say above that it was the last version of the Texan Jr., that is a half-truth. If you can see on this package, Hubley sold out to Gabriel Industries, Inc. of Lancaster, Pennsylvania and this Cap Gun was made in 1971, well after the glory years of the Hubley that we knew and loved. Notice how small the steer on the grip has become.

Photo thanks to Donna A. Clayton at TheBreezeHouse!

Here's another example of VERY late Hubley Juniors—probably during the very early Gabriel years.

Photo thanks to Luke Blatherwick

Last Hubley Texan Jr. in Gold

Well, now I'm confused. But Chuck says that this is the last Texan Jr. and in Gold. I do notice that it just has "HUBLEY" on the side of the gun. It seems like many of the companies didn't care enough in their last days to really put their own names on their guns. My guess is that this is the last Texan Jr. before Hubley sold out to Gabriel. Actually what Chuck has said is that this is the last of the Hubley models—based on the Texan Jr. frame. Notice that they didn't even put any scrollwork on the receiver area.
Photos thanks to Chuck Quinn

Here's a Texan Junior with the Rearing Colt Horses. Until I got this photo recently, I only thought the Texan had these kinds of grips.

Photo thanks to Catherine Wicker

Another Gold Hubley Texan Jr. w/ Box

Photos thanks to Nathan McCain

Photo thanks to Roy Steunenberg

Hubley Texan Jr. Boxes

Photos thanks to Jim Manning

Another side of a Hubley Texan Jr. Box.

Photo thanks to Judy Sinkular

Here's a World War II Victory Texan, Jr. by Hubley. This is made from "Wood Plastic." These guns were made during the war when people were donating scrap metal for the war drive and there really wasn't any metal to spare. This is a really nice offering from Don Raker. A gun like this is quite rare.

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