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Hubley was from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and started in 1894. The Hubley company made some of the finest Cap Guns you ever saw. The Texans and the Cowboy were especially popular. They made guns with nice scrollwork and some that were gold. They are still considered very valuable collector's items. If you collect Cap Guns, then (besides Nichols Industries Cap Guns, of course!!!) you have got to have a good collection of Hubleys.

One of their most popular Cap Guns was from The Rifleman television show starring Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford. It had that special cocking lever so he could really fire quickly. There are several examples in this Hubley section.

Then there is their fabulous Colt 45 that was a full-sized model of the Civil War pistol. I love it!

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Hubley Dagger Derringer
Here's an unusual novelty item from Hubley.

Thanks to Mark Leinberger
Here's another photo of this unique Cap Gun that also shows the box that it came in and the bullets. This gun had a rotating barrel and when the last bullet was fired, then the dagger came out.

Thanks to Bob Garvey for this photo.

Hubley Bronze Dagger Derringer
Here is the same Dagger Derringer, but in Bronze. I know it doesn't have the dagger, but I would bet you that this color variation is quite rare. It looks great!

Photos Thanks To Ron Ellington

Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

And here we have one of the smaller Hubley offerings that apprently is a single shot Cap Gun. A "Smoky."

Thanks to Ernie Smith for this photo.

And...once again we have a good example of a company making exactly the same Cap Gun, but putting a totally different name on it. Absolutely everything is the same, except the grips with the Circle "T" plus some ridges and the name on the gun.

Thanks to Shari Hindman for this photo.

Here's the same gun, but with a holster and box. This gun was licensed out to the The Greencraft Co. Inc. Jersey City 2, N, J.

Thanks to Kenny Illges for this photo.

Gold Hubley Texas
Though this is one of those "little" Cap Guns, it is very rare. I should have known that Chuck Quinn would have one in gold!
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

Hubley "T" Made For Long Island Dis Casting, Inc.
This is a contract gun that Hubley made for Long Island Diecasting Inc. It is named "TEXAS". This is similar in style to the gun Hubley marketed named "Western". A few differences though, The "T" medallions on the grips, The scrolled design on the barrel, and most importantly this is the RARE buntline model.

This cap gun turns up from time to time on eBay, but almost always it will be the short barrel model. This example is in Great Shape! It dates from 1960.
All photos thanks to Ron Ellington
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

Hubley Dandy

Here's another pre-World War II cast-iron Cap Gun from Hubley. The Dandy.

Here's an even better photo of the Hubley Dandy from our friend Cliff Dunfee.

This Hubley Hawk is similar to their other 1911 style pistols. It was made in 1958.


Hubley Rodeo
Right View Here is an example of a Hubley gun that was made for Daisy. As we have said, Daisy had many companies make guns for them. This one, however, is a little unusual in that it doesn't have the Daisy name anywhere on it. What Daisy did was to use these guns for their holster sets around 1960.

It does, however, have the Hubley name on it and the style, "Rodeo" on one side of the frame.

Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!
Hubley Name
Left View Rodeo Style
The Cap Gun above with the amber grips is the same as the one above it, but with amber grips.
Photos by Kim Barbare.
Here's the box for the Rodeo listed above.
And here's the same Rodeo, but in bronze, thanks to Brian Roeder.
The more I research it, the more convinced I am that these red Hubley Rodeo boxes belong to the model of the Rodeo gun on the bottom and not the one on the top. Anyway, the gun just above is from the 1938 to 1950 era and was a single shot. As you can clearly see, it came with chocolate brown grips and white ones. Also you will notice that there are two different metal finishes.
Cap Gun photos on top thanks to
Rodeo Box photos thanks to Doug Hamilton
The Chocolate Gripped Hubley Rodeo above, thanks to Dick Jordan.
The White Gripped Rodeo above, thanks to Doug Hamilton.

And here's the same basic Rodeo, but this one is in the plain "gray" finish and not chromed or nickel plated.
Photo by Jerry Lombardo

And here's another offering from our friend Doug. This is the same basic Rodeo as above, but since I got some more nice photos, I am using them so that you can see things up close.

Photos by Doug Hamilton
And yet another version of the Hubley Rodeo Cap Gun. Will it never cease? This model is from 1955 and has the Colt Bisley-type grips. Beautiful scrollwork. It is MINT.
Thanks to Doug Hamilton.

Here's the same Hubley Rodeo version with the Bisley grips, but these two photos also show the box, which is rare indeed. I am almost tempted to collect nothing but boxes. I bet Dan and Karen Dozier have the best box collection there is.

Photos (above and below) by Janice Batchelor & Dennis Petersen

Hubley Rodeo in Gold!
This is the later die-cast version of the Rodeo. And this one is in gold and is DEAD MINT.

Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

Photos Thanks To Chuck Quinn

Hubley Wyatt Earp Set
This is one of the most beautiful sets you are likely to see. It is a Hubley Wyatt Earp set complete with holsters!

The holsters are clearly marked "Wyatt Earp" and are in fantastic shape.

Thanks to Rich Hall for this contribution!
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

Here's the same set of Cap Guns (with the dark grips), but the holster is different. It just shows how a company that had a successful product would vary it a little to keep it fresh. But for you collectors, it means that you have to have more examples in order to have a complete set!

Thanks to Rich Hall for this contribution.

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