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Hubley was from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and started in 1894. The Hubley company made some of the finest Cap Guns you ever saw. The Texans and the Cowboy were especially popular. They made guns with nice scrollwork and some that were gold. They are still considered very valuable collector's items. If you collect Cap Guns, then (besides Nichols Industries Cap Guns, of course!!!) you have got to have a good collection of Hubleys.

One of their most popular Cap Guns was from The Rifleman television show starring Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford. It had that special cocking lever so he could really fire quickly. There are several examples in this Hubley section.

Then there is their fabulous Colt 45 that was a full-sized model of the Civil War pistol. I love it!

(in Uncle Talley's order)


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Rare Stevens 49-er in BRONZE!
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Here's a Hubley store rack that is pretty doggone rare.
Thanks to Dave Klahn!

Hubley Colt 45
This is a remarkable gun! It is HUGE. This Cap Gun is almost 14 inches long.

Thanks to Frank Palma of Palma Brothers Comics and Collectibles for this contribution!
Some close-ups of the cylinder

Photos on left and right,
thanks to Doug Hamilton!
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!
These SHARP photos of the Army 1861 Colt 45 are furnished to us by Sean Chantler.
The nice photo of this Colt 45 box is from Jamie Linford.
And now I own it!

This nice photo is from Judy Sinkular.

Here is an extremely rare Colt .45 outer lid from Rich Hall. Usually if you find one of these, it was plain and not printed.

Now here is something you don't see every day!!! It is a MINT ON CARD (MOC) Hubley Colt .45 that has ZERO WEAR. If you look closely (especially by clicking on the photos to see the larger views), then you will notice that the gold cylinder DOES NOT have the usual rub ring that is caused by the spring just under the cylinder. This is the first one I have seen without that usual ring.

These photos furnished by Scott McCollum of Cap Gun Treasures.

I bet you've never seen a pair like this. Sure we have seen Hubley Colt 45's in the box with the plastic lid, but with genuine cherry grips? Well, this one has the cherry grips and GUESS WHAT? It is actually a Hubley Texan 45!!! Belinda says that with a small variation like this, it was common that a company like Hubley would have run out of boxes and just stuck it in a Colt 45 box.

Then check out the one below it. None of the marks on the cylinder. It hasn't even been fired (dry or otherwise) once, for when you do on this Cap Gun, it leaves a mark from the spring. See the one right above it and the others. And then I must mention how rare this gun is mint on the card!
Photo by Belinda Quan from the Chuck Quinn collection.

This is a special (from the factory) Colt 45 set in a cherrywood presentation case with cherry grips! 100% of this is original and dead mint. Very Special! Please notice that unlike the regular production model, the cylinder is not gold. And if you had the ability to look very closely, like I did on the largest photo I received, then you would notice that it looked like it had only been dry-fired about 2-3 times, just to make sure it worked, because it had almost ZERO rubbing around the cylinder where that spring rubs up against it. You can usually tell how much one of these Cap Guns has been played with by noticing where that ring on the cylinder has rubbed. You find one that has zero rubbing and you buy it.

Photo by Belinda Quan from the Chuck Quinn collection.

This Hubley Colt 45 Cap Gun with custom Rattlesnake Grips is a replica of the Colt that Clint Eastwood used in the 1960s Western "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly." This is a beautiful Colt with Canadian maroon grips featuring a silver coiled rattlesnake.

Photo by Scott McCollum of Cap Gun Treasures.

And here's an extra Hubley bullet clip for the Colt 45.

Here's a Hubley Colt 45 Bullet Clip with the Compass. This is extremely rare. Just to find one on the card is rare, much less with a compass.

Here's a whole dealer's display pack of these bullets with compass.
Thanks to John Iannuzzi.

Here is a wonderful close-up of the famous Hubley Colt 45 in the RARE gold finish with the cherry wood grips. Nothing like having such wonderful Cap Guns, huh? I just can't imagine what this one is worth. Nice photo. Notice that this doesn't have a shiny ring around the cylinder from that spring. I didn't touch the photo up one bit, except to adjust for shadows. and a touch on autocolor. Love this gun!

This photo by Steve Arlin.

Hubley Texan 45
Here is a variation on the Cap Gun listed above. And how's this for a lot of high quality photos? Learn from this man's dedication to quality Cap Gun photos!

According to Schleyer's Western Toy Guns (Backyard Buckaroos) book this gun was a special order gun to commemorate the 125th anniversary of Texas. The gun seems to differ from the regular Colt 45 by Hubley in that the cylinder seems to have a smoother finish.

I personally think that if you start collecting Cap Guns, and this happens to be your first item, then you will probably be hooked for life. I just can't think of enough nice things to say about this gun. It is a beauty and makes us long for the days when companies actually made quality toys. When/Where did we go wrong?

Thanks to Don Raker for the photos.

Send in your prize photographs and some text about them (and of course your name, so I can give you proper credit) and I just might list your favorite Cap Gun too!
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

These two photos of a MINT Texan 45 are so good that I just had to put them on here. If you will notice the right side of the gun's photo, which seems clearer, you will notice that you don't see a pronounced "Rub Ring" like you normally see on this series of Cap Guns. This makes it all the more valuable, because it means that is probably hasn't even been fired. Very hard to find in this condition.

Thanks to Dave Klahn of The Ten Gallon Hat.

Hubley Model 1860 Cal .44

This gun came completely unfinished and the purchaser was supposed to put it together and paint it in whatever style they thought proper. Don has one and painted it in the style of that day. The day being the 100th Anniversary of the Civil War. If you can find one with the original box, it is even more valuable.

Thanks to Roger Stanley for the photos.

Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

And here's the box for the Colt .44 Kit. (front—end—plaque) I bet many of you have never seen this one.

Thanks to Scott McCollum.

Here's a great composite shot showing the difference between the two Cap Guns.
Photo by Bill Zide

Hubley Model 1860 Cal .44 (Antiqued!)

Here's a great looking Hubley Colt .44 that has been antiqued by Jim Quick. Lots of work here!!!

Thanks to Don Raker for the photos.

Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

And here's a couple of Hubley Colt 45's that have been repainted to look like the original guns!
Photo by Ed DeVries

Miniature 44 by Hubley

Scale View


Gun & Box
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

All Photos Thanks To Doug Hamilton

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