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Here is a rather fabulous collection of Cap Guns from Thomas Lynn, who says that nearly all of his guns are MINT. He says that in mint condition, they represent a better investment for the future. I know he is right.

My name is Tom Lynn and I live in Illinois. I grew up on a farm, so there were always guns around (real and cap). When first interested in serious cap gun collecting, a couple of dealers steered me to focus primarily on mint items. The guns pictured are mostly Nichols along with a few other brands and a sampling of other interests. Don’t have a lot of room to display my stuff, so most pictures are arranged in groups. If interested in anything shown or just want to talk cap guns, shoot me an e-mail. Thanks for the interest and hope you enjoy the pictures.

Mike's Words:
I hope you will forgive me for interjecting some of my own comments. I love this collection. Why wouldn't I? It's got a lot of Nichols in it.

You can contact Tom at:
If you want your Cap Gun collection featured, then please send your photos to:

(in Uncle Talley's order)


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This gun rack shows Winchester and Saddle Gun rifles both by Mattel and a Marx double barrel shot gun (shells on top pegs). It has Wild Bill Hickok spurs hanging from it and a Mattel bandolier belt filled with bullets on top.

Here are Nichols Stallion 45 Mark II cap guns w/boxes, Nichols/Kusan Stallion 45’s in the Collector’s Series shadowbox and Nichols Stallion 45’s w/boxes (shrink-wrapped). The middle shows Nichols 45 bullets in the clip and plastic cases, also aluminum 45’s in Jerry’s Bike Shop boxes.

The Apollo Lunar Spacecraft model kit, Lionel train, Texaco gas truck and Big-Bang field cannon (small and extremely loud) were saved from my youth. There are also examples of various lunchboxes, thermos bottles and other items. “How about a nice Hawaiian Punch?” with a radio featuring “Punchy.”

A few boxed/carded Nichols and other small guns - Lone Star, blue Dyna-Nite, 2 Halco derringers w/clip, Esquire Hide-Away, Kilgore One Shot and 2 Nichols derringers. The center shows a gold Pinto w/clip, Stallion 300 bullet clip, Nichols 38 shells in plastic cases and 2 Lone Ranger aluminum bullets (2 piece, hollow inside). Different western badges surround all - Wyatt Earp carded badges signed on back by Hugh O’Brian.

This depicts the 3 color versions of the Model 61 holster with 2 belts. The maroon belt, holster and gun shown are from a Nichols Civil War Holster Set. There are 3 chrome and 2 blue Model 61’s pictured with scattered 3 piece bullets. Most of you don't even realize how rare these holsters actually are. I have never even seen one myself. (Mike)

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