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The J. and E. Stevens Company of Cromwell, Connecticut was a very old company. They were making toy guns before most of the other companies were formed.

They made some very old cast iron models that were pre-World War II—some were in the 19th Century! After World War II they started making die-cast Cap Guns just like everybody else. But they didn't have much innovation and besides, as you already know, the "Glory Days" of the Cap Gun Industry were getting ready to be over in the mid-sixties anyway. So the Stevens Company went the way of the "tumblin' tumbleweeds."

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Rare Stevens 49-er in BRONZE!
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Here is something that is about as rare as it gets. It reminds me of my Stallion 45 box that has "Jacksonville" on it, but it is the first variation of the Stallion 45—and it has never been folded. But this is the same thing with the Neutron Blaster from Stevens. This originally came from a Stevens executive, according to George Newcomb, our contributor, and it was never folded. He says that it was one of the Stevens Company's last ditch efforts when kids started getting interested in space toys. Thanks George. (Be sure to click on this "thumbnail" to see a bigger photo—but of the other side.)

Photo by Belinda Quan from the Chuck Quinn collection.

And here is the actual gun.

Photo by Jamie Linford

This is another one of those attempts by a major Cap Gun company to keep up with the times, while not completely realizing that though they had been in business over a hundreds years, they were getting ready to go broke! A crying shame!

All Photos Thanks To Mark and Sara King

1940's Stevens 49-ER Cast-Iron Western Cowboy
Here's a cast-iron gun that is very old. 1940 or so. I'm not sure it if is called a "49-ER" referring to 1949 or the 1849 gold rush. Probably the latter.

Stevens was making toy cap pistols when other companies hadn't even thought of it yet.

Many thanks to Howard for these photos.

Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!
These two thumbnail photos show an absolutely MINT 49er and the box.
Don't forget to click on them!

Photos thanks to Tom Coates

1940's Stevens 49-ER Cast Iron Western Cowboy - IN GOLD!
Here is one of the prettiest guns I have seen in a long time. It is a gold finished Stevens 49-ER.

It is basically the same gun as above, but in the more rare gold tint. Also this one is CLEAN!!!

Photos thanks to Ed Manes
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

And here are all of the variations of the Stevens 49-ERs. Mint of course. The two on the right side are both rare. The top one is extremely RARE with flash finish & the bottom one is the bronze finish.

Photo by Belinda Quan from the Chuck Quinn collection.

1940 Stevens 49-ER In BRONZE!
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

All Photos Thanks To Rich Hall

1940 Stevens 49-ER In FLASH CHROME!
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

All Photos Thanks To Rich Hall

1940 Stevens PEACE MAKER
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

All Photos Thanks To Carl and Ginger Robbins

Here's a nice Peacemaker Box, thanks to Tom Coates.

Stevens Peace Maker in Gold
I bet most people don't even knolw about the gold version of the Peace Maker, but here it is.

From the collection of Chuck Quinn

Here is a group shot of all of the varieties of Stevens Peacemakers. Quite rare to have all of these guns and all in mint condition too.

Photo by Belinda Quan from the Chuck Quinn collection.

1940 Stevens Cowboy King
Special thanks to Dick DeArmond for the above photos!

Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

More rare stuff from Chuck Quinn. These are (again) the 1940 version of the Stevens Cowboy King and the top is bronze for sure, but the bottom one has the 24 carat gold (thin) plating on it. The middle one is nickel plated.

These two views are of a gold Stevens Cowboy King that is virtually mint. You can see the cowboy with his six guns on the grips on one side and the Indian on the other.

Photos thanks to Jim Manning of JM Toys.

Stevens Cowboy King Double Holster Set
Well, once in awhile you have so many great photos with which to work that you just have to use SIX!

This total set of double holsters, wrist cuffs and Cowboy King Cap Guns from Stevens is one of those times.

Photos thanks to Ed Manes
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

Stevens Cowboy King Close-Ups
Our friend Doug took some really good shots of the Cowboy King up close, so I just had to use them.

Photos thanks to Doug Hamilton
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

More Stevens Cowboy King
Not only is this the fanfastically rare bronze version of the later version of the Stevens Cowboy King, but I notice that the area where the name is...under the circled by an oval. So, it's altogether different. Trust Steve to own a rare Cap Gun!

Photos thanks to Steve Arlin

You Will Miss Out If You Don't Click On The Thumbnails!

Stevens Early Billy The Kid Model
Here's one of the earliests versions of a "Billy The Kid" Cap Gun. I will fully confess that I did the best I could on photo-editing the photo on the left and the one below, but probably lowered the saturation level too low. However, the lighting was a little off and the rust showed up more than it probably should have. My fault. The one above on the right came out much nicer. However, it is my primary intention to let you see what these gun are supposed to look like and not let unsual lighting or rust keep you from it. This version doesn't have the usual frills, but is a pretty rare gun.

Thanks to Vic Wawiorka, Jr. for the photos!

Apparently this gun came in plain black too. Or is it blued?

Here's the box for the cast-iron Billy The Kid Cap Gun shown above. It's the same as the die-cast box below, but with a different picture of the gun (naturally) and the die-cast gun box is a little darker red.

Photos thanks to Ron Ellington

Stevens Billy The Kid
Well, the interesting thing about Make Believe is that sometimes you get to play The Bad Guys! After all, you're not just shooting pop bottles, are you?

William Bonney, alias "Billy The Kid" was one of the most notorious gunslingers of the Old West. But he WAS real. Pat Garrett thought so enough to finally have to shoot him.

Photos thanks to Jay White

Another offering of a Billy The Kid Cap Gun & Box and this one is MINT!!!
Thanks to Ed Manes
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

Three different examples of Billy The Kid Cap Guns from Stevens.
Thanks to Chuck Quinn.

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