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Andrew is a jeweler in Melbourne, Australia. He also restores real guns and air guns......and collects Cap Guns (and ray guns). Some really fantastic work. Very painstaking. You can contact Andrew at:

If you want your Cap Gun collection featured, then please send your photos to:

(in Uncle Talley's order)


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This is a Kilgore G-Man from around 1935. It vaguely resembles a German Luger. This Cap Gun is in great shape and has only had a little oil rubbed on it to preserve it from rust. Nice, huh?

The Louis Marx Company of New York, New York probably was the largest toy company ever. They had thousands of employees and made so many different kinds of toys that it was plumb amazing. Here is one of their "SPARKLING POP PISTOLS." When you pulled the trigger on this gun, sparks would fly out of the end of the barrel. It was fun to shoot these at night. But hard to hit the target because it was dark. I once missed an armadillo at 10 feet with my 9 mm Springfield because it was dark.........but that's another story. This guns is not only rare, but in GREAT SHAPE.

This XZ 38 Disintegrator circa 1935 is dead mint with a reasonably good box. It doesn't have one part of the copper plating missing or worn off and it still sparks and pops. That makes it one of the rarest of all ray guns ever in this condition. If you stop and think about it a bit, it still looks like a "Broom Handle Mauser," which is actually what they took for Han Solo's blaster in Star Wars - Revenge of the Jedi and added a few things to confuse you. Check it out.

This XZ 31 circa 1934 ray gun is the first ray gun of all time. In beautiful condition too.

These siren guns used to be quite common, now they are quite rare!

See if you can guess what's in this jewelry box.

I bet you guess a Hubley Atomic Disintegrator! Well, it wasn't hard. But Andrew certainly makes the finest jewelry boxes. I think he ought to put an ad for them on my Dealers Page, don't you? People will pay good money for nice boxes like these. And most of his are custom-fitted for just that Cap Gun.

Here is a Roy Rogers Long Tom in a nice box with a mint Roy Rogers (and Trigger) scarf.

This is a beautiful Kenton Gene Autry "dummy Cap Gun." i.e. it doesn't fire. Click on it to see the other side.

How's this for a nice Dick Tracy target set? Andrew says that this one fired so hard that he nearly cracked the glass on a window. Click on it to see it even bigger.

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